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    What's goin' on with everybody

    Roth IRA's same deal going in is taxed at time of contribution can invest that money in any way you wish and all earnings from those investments are tax free once you are of age to start pulling from it...
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    What's goin' on with everybody

    It's been a while since we've had one but at this juncture I'm totally fed up with the traffic ticket money extortion game. I support my police when they are policing but this BS of sitting by the side of the road with a radar / laser gun, stalking an intersection for roll thru's on a right hand...
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    Drumzilla Drumdala

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    Drumzilla Drumdala

    Ok This is such a bad ass video I couldn't just park it in the bad ass video thread...I was going through the craigslist musician ads and this cat is looking for a crazy singer and I was just curious what Drumdala was...Wowzwer! I think he's onto something definitely could be a Vegas show and...
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    Is there any way to connect wireless headphones to Zoom H6 for monitoring?

    Yep what Talisman bueno for recording as the time delay is too great...maybe someday with new technology but not with current bluetooth would be nice not to be tethered but it is the only way to hear the playback in almost real time.
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    90 degree xlr hack

    For sure a lot easier n cheaper ( if you count my time ) but ordering one would have taken a day or two and this allowed me to get back to what I was trying to do in an hour...instead of a few days AND the fun and satisfaction of McGivering shit...I get a kick out of playing Dr...
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    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) acoustic solo guitar

    Man sweet version!
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    Campfire romantic

    Yep nice clean recording of very easy going "Feel good" type of melody...Good one!
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    BTW on the anyone can sing thing...yep anyone can sing....that said I have ran across people who in no way, shape or form will ever be able to sing in tune ...just absolutely tone is a scientific actuality ..kind of sucks but that's just the facts...I sure am not going to be signed by a...
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    Yeah I like the musical ideas in it .... somewhere in the Alman brothers, Marshall Tucker ( Can't you see) and Gun's n Roses kind of genre...Not sure if I can sneak in the time to mess around with it but I totally felt like I could throw down some lyrical melody lines and lyrics throughout it...
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    My little home studio

    Sweet and simple...Love it!
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    Bye Bye Gearslutz Political correctness rears its ugly head

    Well actually they have done an amazing job of emulating all the vintage keyboards I mean they are converting real audio samples ...think mellotron back in the day doing strings to the 10th power...I have played many a rhodes and owned a wurlitzer. Albeit cool to play, no way could I audibly...
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    Bye Bye Gearslutz Political correctness rears its ugly head

    For sure my little Hammond m3 and 910 leslie that was my first purchase still stands the test of time in 2021 ( though long gone) On the strings, synths and electric piano's my Elka Rhapsody and Roland SH3 ( that also were part of my first $4K+ deep dive into GAS in 1975) though definitely very...
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    Jamfest 2021 AKA VT Jamboree #5 August 13-15 (plus a little more around the edges)

    Pretty much every jamfest ends up with some videos getting posted....for me it's a really long ass walk, a pretty long 3 to 4 day drive and or a 5 hour flight with a 2 hour drive..I like the last option best and is what I did the last time I was able to finagle going there. Not sure about this...
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    Cover of selections from Animals by Pink Floyd

    Man I think you did a great job sans the should be very proud /accomplished.