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  • Hiya Mark! Wow..glad your surgery was successful!!! Here's to having great health!

    I was hanging in the mp3 clinic for a short while, but so much going on here that I haven't been able to listen much.
    Heya Aussie! I'm good! Just got my PC back up and running..not up to par, but running at least!:D Yep, it's been a while. Hope all is good in the downunder side of the world!!

    Hey mate..did I say Bingo Pen?...I meant to say Rubber Paddle!...sorry mate!!
    How's that Jordan thread....I kind of feel sorry for the guy, I actually like a couple of his toons...I reckon you sort of feel the same?
    Mark. (Spit)
    Ummm...what's a bingo pen? I may be confused about that, but I know there's a compliment in there, so I'll take it! Thanks! I really appreciate your sensibility on this board too.
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