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    Indie Type Thing

    Sounds nice! I like the mood created by the vocals against the music. The drums sound great but yeah i agree they sound almost too distinct and upfront, like a real drummer might layout naturally during the verses so you can really hear the words and pick it up as the music gets louder, maybe...
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    Snow At Midnight - Instrumental

    Oooh a mel9, that pedal has been tempting me forever, how do you like it? I like the tune and the mix! Nice change that minor 7? chord is a nice release. I was hearing more ambient type soloing in my head, you did it in the last go round with those nice high sounds but i think you should do...
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    Rock of Ages

    Thank you all for the nice and helpful comments. Seems the consencus is to turn up the vocals. I agree, the vocals are at a constant volume and need to be raised as the music volume gets louder. That's my plan for today. There's also some synth tracks that are muddying up the bottom at times...
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    Paw paw what if?

    Awesome! Talk about a nostalgia piece, really cool she'll be able to listen back on this throughout her life and remember where she came from. The beauty of recording!
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    She's High Strung

    Really nice playing! I like the way you're using the open tuning with pull offs, alot of nice movement in the acoustic part. Guitars sounds well recorded and the multiple parts are tight considering how busy the playing is. Well done!
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    Indie song - Sunday Driving

    I like the song, i agree with others comments about the bass/drums mix, seems like the drums sound seperate from the bass and guitars. I think dry drums would probably suit the material, if i were producing that might be the change i would try. There's also some mistakes in the drum part which...
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    When the Morning Comes

    Sounds great! I agree the beginning transition between the vocal and the keys coming in sounds unnatural somehow. I like the chord progression and the vocal track(s) are excellent. I'm surprised at the lack of bass, about halfway through the track i started to notice some bottom end but it seems...
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    Saints and Strangers

    Congratulations on finishing your project! There must be a better way to post your link though im not sure what it is? I always use the preview post function to see what the end result will look like. Anyways ive listened to your material in the past and know to expect high quality, i'm on song...
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    Rock of Ages

    So i bought a harmonium recently and wanted to record it so came up with this tune. I recorded a bunch of loops and spent most of my time arranging the loops into a song like structure. Wrote some lyrics and reluctantly sang it. I slapped the ending jam on last minute just to get out of the one...
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    Spaceman's Highway (29 Million Miles)

    I think the mix is good, all the individual sounds are good and audible. The vocoder vocals were not clear to me, the effect is lost if the words can not be easily understood. Also at the (3:20) mark the clean guitar was a good bit louder than the distorted, seems dynamically confusing. Besides...
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    90s Indie Rock Type Song

    Mix sounds good, i like the way the drums sit the ride cymbal gives some high end ping and the snare sounds nice, the drums could even be brightened imo. The distorted guitar sounds muffled to me, it sounds like the tone knob is rolled all the way back it's an odd sound, nice and thick but i...
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    Trash Can

    Nice drum sound. Good guitar tones, that opening progression is really cool. That synth part that comes in after the guitars im a little meh about. The second part i liked alot that sinister high melody off the bassy synths. Yes there are some timing errors, guitars are behind the beat in the...
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    Today Is Gonna Be My Day

    I think the song is great for the most part, the simplicity of the music highlights a good melody. The blade cuts both ways though, with such a bare background the vocals are really highlighted and to be honest the vocals are pretty shaky. The held notes drift off pitch and when you string a few...
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    MIDI MADNESS for sure......

    Hey Wyked, I'm not a keyboardist but looking at that Nekter you may be out of luck, the usb handles both the power and the midi transfer, so it would be fine for soft synths but i don't think you can control the roland. I recently bought a arturia controller and even though it had the midi out i...
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    So Real

    Thanks all for listening and the excellent comments! I agree with all the criticisms, literally the last thing i did to the mix was brighten up the drums and distort them as a whole... famous beagle, the lyrics...yes i know what you mean, i steered him in that direction early in the process...