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    Yes Acoustic

    Close, but no cigar.. I saw Asia at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md. This must have been 1981-82.. right after their first album release. The band didn't perform acoustically, but Steve Howe came out, sat on a stool center stage and did a l-o-n-g, non-stop solo performance with his...
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    Idea, Making it Sound Purposely Lo-fi

    I'm working my way up to an old school Lo-Fi sound. I've been listening to our local AM station which plays songs from the 50s to early 70s. I've been listening on my car's Bose system and have the EQ set for Talk Radio, which really gives it that single-dash-speaker AM sound. Lots of vocals...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Back in the day, 1975-83, I'm fairly certain I had the Koss Pro 4/X (couple sets) for home stereo usage. They were nice but got a bit warm and wet after the first album. From the specs listed at this linked page, they would probably work just fine in today's world.. except for the hot ear syndrome.
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    MT Power DrumKit 2 questions

    Reaper has a plugin called ReaSamplOmatic5000 you can use to build your own drum kit using drum samples available from various websites, or those you might make yourself from a live drum kit. There are lots of good FREE .wav samples around that sound more realistic than the MT Power Drum Kit.
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    What's goin' on with everybody

    In a severe thunderstorm for the past 3 hours. Wind gusting like a mofo and slamming the rain against my windows so hard I can't make good use of my closed headphones. The rain against the windows really isn't that loud, but when my phones are on it's amplified and reverberates terribly. I've...
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    What are your favorite features?

    Loop was on in Item Properties, but.. I went into Project Settings and discovered "Loop Source" was off there. Turning that on did the trick, as you say, it now automatically loops when first added to the track - no gluing required. I would have sworn that was on previously. Perhaps the Reaper...
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    What are your favorite features?

    Yeah.. that's basically what I'm doing only I begin with the shortened item (default item as added initially). Here's my process :
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    DAW Capitalists

    :listeningmusic: No. His first response was that they had no reports of any counterfeit items "out there". Then he requested I send pics of them and all the packaging. I supplied close-ups from all angles, including all labels and bar codes. Also, where they were purchased (Amazon and shipper)...
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    DAW Capitalists

    Not tech support, really.. but when I picked up my AKG K701 headphones for a suspiciously low price on Amazon, I emailed Harman Support to see if they were counterfeit. They responded within 24 hrs. We went back and forth for several days and the question was resolved. I dealt with the same...
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    What are your favorite features?

    I was starting from scratch, trying to create the loop from nothing using my step-entered MIDI notes. __________________ Add a new MIDI item. Open it's editor. Step-enter 8 notes. Drag the item out and it will be empty except for those 8 notes. Drag it back. Glue that item, then drag it...
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    What are your favorite features?

    Yeah.. and it seemed counterintuitive to glue a single item, but it does.. whatever it does. It converts a step-entered MIDI sequence into a loop that can be extended indefinitely.
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    Recording bass

    I put some new Fender roundwounds on my Yamaha PJ and the E is spikey in spots (frets 2-5). I plugged in AmpliTube's Fender Bassman 300 with default settings - flat EQ - and it's smoothing it out quite a bit. Also parallel processing with Reaper's ReaComp - haven't settled on the blend yet.
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    What's goin' on with everybody

    Spent the day reviewing busses, groups, parallel processing, gain staging and automating FX parameters. I don't use these every day and frequently forget how to set things up, so cramming this stuff helps the retention just a little.
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    What are your favorite features?

    Today I figured out how to extend a MIDI item to full song length without Time Selection copy/paste repeats. I've familiarized myself with Kenny's video on Time Selection editing, and that all works fine, I just wanted a faster way to create full looped tracks as I was beginning to put a song...
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    tascam dp-02cf

    And make sure you follow @arcaxis' suggestion to format the new card in the DP-02CF.