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    FS: Warm Audio WA_47 Tube Condenser

    Dropping this to $600.00....8-)
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    FT..Simon Systems RDB-400 Direct Box..

    Hello...Looking to trade this 4-channel good sounding DI for a decent rack dual mono 2 channel compressor..( or maybe a 500 series)..It's in good shape but one channel has some intermediate scratchy pots but it still works...
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    FS: Warm Audio WA_47 Tube Condenser

    Hello..Selling my WA-47..I'm the original owner.Sounds/look good..Have all original boxes, etc...Asking $650.00 shipped to US..
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    [WANTED] Emu 1820m 1010 PCI Card

    Hello..Looking for the Emu 1820m 1010 card. If you have one laying around , give me a shout..Thanks..!
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    Keeping Window Open In Reaper..

    Hello. I'm wanting to be able to keep a window open after I click on something else. I saw this in one of Kenny's videos but can't remember which one...When I have a window open and when I click something, it disappears...So annoying..! Thanks..
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    Emu 1820m Dock Repair..?

    Hello..It's been a long, long time posting..Had some medical problems, better now..! Anyway, I have the 1820m and for some reason it stop recording thru the line inputs on the back of the Dock but records thru the two mic/line inputs on the front..!..Anyone here familiar with the repairs of the...
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    FT: Equator D-8s For Your Pair Of....?

    Hello..May be looking to try trading these D-8s for something else. Anyone have a pair of monitors equivalent of the D-8s they wanna part with? Entertaining thoughts. Let me know what you have..Thanks..!
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    FS: Equator D-8s Monitors..

    Have a pair of D-8s for sale..Nice monitors but want something else..$650.00 plus shipping and PP fees..Thanks..
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    WTB: Power amp for NS-10s

    Hello..Looking to buy a used power amp nothing outrageous in price/power..Just need something to use until I get my Hafler repaired. BTW, anyone work on Hafler amps here? (lol)
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    For Trade: HHB CDR-800 CD Recorder ( perfect condition)

    Hello..I have a HHB CDR-800 CD recorder in great shape to trade for an API style 500 lunchbox rack ( 6/8 space)..This is very well made recorder and cost aboput $1200 when new..Even have components with through hole technolgy for the "Modders"..:cool:..Thanks..
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    WTB: Emu 1820M 1010 PCI Card ( or 1212M)

    Hello..I'm looking for a 1010 card for 1820M Dock..Mine "gave up" on me..:facepalm:..I need just the 1010 card.. I will also consider the 1212M PCI card even tho I know I can't use it with the Dock and limits me to (2) inputs/outputs..Or....if anyone can repair these let me know if you wanna...
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    WTB/Trade For: Oktava MK-012 Mic

    Hello..Looking to trade or buy an Oktava Mk-012 mic..Give me a PM if you have one laying around..Thanks..!
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    WTB/T: Flat Screen 24"ish 'Puter Monitor

    Hello..Looking for an used flat screen computer monitor in good shape. Looking at least a 24" width or so..1080p is a plus..Thanks..!
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    FS: Studio Projects T-3 ( Original with logo) Tube LDC

    Have a Studio Projects T-3 ( original one with the logo) and P/S, case,shock mount for sale..Great shape..Asking $375.00 to 48 states..
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    FT..Behringer Otboard for Corning 703/705..?

    Hello.Have a couple pieces of Behringer outboard that I'll trade for some Corning 703 or 705 to make a few mid/Bass traps..Anyone have a few pieces laying around, give me a PM..!..Thanks..