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  • Hello Shedshrine,

    I have been following your posts on Tapeop and Anolog only about the Tascam 388. I almost bought one about 11 years ago and have regretted not buying it ever since. I went down a long and expensive path of various all in one digital recorders, all of which I ultimately sold because I did not like the edgey and brittle sound.

    Anyway, now I do have a Tascam 244 and 246 which I really like the sound of.

    I live in Marin (Fairfax area) Ca. and noticed you live in the Oakland area. Is there any chance I could invite myself over to check out your Tascam 388? I of course would offer to pay you for your time. I thought I could possibly have you record me playing some vocal and acoustic guitar so I could get a sense of the sound and features of the 388. Please let me know if you would possibly be interested in helping.

    It would be best to call me if possible: Peter Brown 415-785-7365.

    Thanks and take care!
    Hey Shedshrine!

    Long time no talk!

    Well I want to thank you again for sending me that 1/4" reel of tape. I used it to entirety and used most of it to record my bands latest album. I can either send you a copy of the cd or try and find a place to host it for download on the internet. I just don't want your kind deed to go forgotten! Thank you very very very much!
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