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    I am a newbie. Where is the "GET" button ?

    Alice, I'm looking at the online User Guide, and the "Get" button is in the "Add-On Manager" program. This is described in section 3.5.3 of the User Guide.
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    Today only (07/31/2017), NI Komplete Elements 60% Off

    If you don't have Native Instruments Komplete, today's "Stupid Deal of the Day" at Musician's Friend is NI Komplete Elements. It's just an abbreviated version of Komplete, but is a lot less expensive than Komplete-- $50, as opposed to $200 or more (depending on the version). Komplete : Bundles...
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    midi keyboard/ virtual instruments recomendation

    No, I didn't mention that, so it's good that you did. I don't have aftertouch on any of my keyboards, but I wish I did! I think 49 keys is okay, since it covers the notes shown below-- and more, if you use the octave-shifting buttons. That's an adequate range for playing with both hands. Mind...
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    This is why we can't have nice things

    Coogee Beach alcohol ban - Bing
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    Note on instead of note off

    Now that is seriously messed up. Roland, Roland, Roland, what were you thinking? My wild-ass guess is that the velocity of 64 on the first Note Off message must be confusing either the adapter, the driver, or the software, causing it/them to see the following messages as Note On instead of Note...
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    Free Synth VSTs

    I just found this page with free VST synths-- the programmer who created them (Günther Hager) passed away in 2014, but made the Pro versions available as freeware before he passed away.
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    Tracktion DAW

    This is just a heads-up for anyone who is looking for a free DAW, or who already uses the free T4 version of Tracktion, or who already has a complimentary copy of the T5 version that they got through buying a Behringer or Mackie product. Tracktion has now made T5 available for free, so T4 users...
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    Ableton Live 9 Upgrade sale

    Today Ableton started a 1-week sale for upgrades to Live 9. I've been getting emails from them for several years and have tracked their sales-- which they have on a regular basis each year-- and I've noticed that the sale which they have in early June of each year seems to offer the best...
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    Help needed for a midi mapping problem

    Just to clarify, you say that the "MIDI From" for the three MIDI tracks are set to Akai, Akai, and Novation, rather than to "All Ins"? What about the channels? Are they set to "All Channels" or is each track set to a different channel? And what about the "MIDI To" settings? What MIDI...
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    Acid Music Studio loop question

    I don't have Music Studio 10, just the free version of ACID (Xpress 7.0), but on Sony's website where they describe the features of Music Studio 10 there's a picture of a window that looks like it might be relevant:
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    Help - basic DAW setup help

    Many of Yamaha's low-end keyboards these days don't have MIDI ports, just a USB-to-Host connection for sending and receiving MIDI. I have three such Yamaha keyboards myself-- the PSR-E433, PSR-E443, and YPT-400 (the PSR-E403 with a different name). Oddly enough, the PSR-E4xx series is the "top...
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    Weird spam

    I didn't click on any of it, although I could see the contents by hovering. I wonder why they picked the Mixing Techniques forum for their spam? :rolleyes:
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    Does Cubase have a MIDI channel selector for the Input Router?

    I've just installed the free 30-day trial for Cubase Elements 8 and am already stumped trying to do something that should be simple: - Add several MIDI tracks in a new project. (Done) - Select a MIDI keyboard in the Input Router of each track. (Done) - Specify which MIDI channel to record in...
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    Cubasis and a portable keyboard

    I think you should be able to do this. Note that I'm not a Cubasis user, so I can't speak from experience with respect to Cubasis. From what I've read on the internet it looks like Cubasis doesn't support patch names for external instruments, but you can select the CTK6000's patches (or tones as...
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    how to reverse keyboard layout?

    That's very interesting! :) The only problem is that the Akai MPK49 is a controller, not a synth, so it doesn't generate any sounds itself. :( seanstephensen, what are you using the MPK49 with-- which DAW, what soft synths (if any), what other virtual instruments, etc.? It seems like the...