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  • I have about given up on recording. I lost all my gear in a robbery, and it took the gas out of me. So now I am focusing on 3D art and animation. See the last few pages of the old new rep point thread... I get on here for a few days and then disappear for months at a time.
    Fast lane? How 'bout "too-busy-to-sleep lane." I wish it would slow down. But I guess busy + alive beats bored + dead, huh? How's travels?
    Just leave it in dogbreaths fridge.
    I gotta go back over there to pick my dogbreath look-a-like blow up doll anyways.
    Thanks for the invite. I browsed through your friends list and it looks like I'm in pretty good company.
    Cheetos and beer, on the counter near the fridge. And don't worry about your feet....Muttley already soiled the carpet.
    RokketDude! :D
    Wussup baby! Still hangin here.
    Damn fanger ain't any better tho. :mad: Makes me whiny. :mad:
    Told the band what was up and they weren't too happy either. But shit...whuddam I gonna do? I'm down to 2 useable fingers on my fret hand. :mad:
    I've noticed I can pick my nose better with my pinky tho. :p
    I'll drop ya a line when I'm back up to 9 fingers. ;)
    later mang
    Heya Eddie! You are always invited to the party!! That was beer on the sink...well, I think it was beer..:confused::eek::D
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