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  • Hello Rick!
    My name is Jay Lane. I saw your post on home recording dot com and was wondering if you had the schematic to make the PW5MD accessory 2 cables for the Tascam Midiizer. I had two cables made for my two MSR 16’s 3 years ago but since one end is factory molded plastic I don’t believe any pin 7 was shielded to pin 14, or whatever, on that side at least, because long story short, Ive been getting this annoying sync noise in my audio and its everywhere and after much testing I’m sure that’s the cause, I sure am hoping at least!.
    luvrzlane at mac dot com
    Would you consider taking a small payment to explain some of the basics of setting up a recording area and possibly using a recording interface. I know everyone has different ideas of whats right (main reason I want to ask one person, It takes like 5 extra hours to learn one new trick due to everyone's different take on what to do) but just looking for professional not perfect at the moment. Feel free to contact me here or at 813-751-7098
    Hi rick, ive read the forum, you was telling someone the right way of building a booth. Im building a booth in my basement, i have 1,000 budget. I have all the tools needed, i have built several booths before, but this booth i want it to be proper.
    6 x 6 but it dont have to be square. Please draw me a plan.
    Glad your back man. you helped me a ton i got something for you to listen to later. just finished my first official recording in the shop.
    Hey Fitz- I posted some more pics of my work in progress, it is almost finished and I hoped to hear back from you- I know you are busy, but could you take a look at the post and give me some feedback? I did most everything you suggested, and it looks like it will be another month and we'll finally be finished, and alot of it is thanks to you- I really appreicate it friend- your input has been most valuable!
    hello rick i'm Anto from sardinia italy.
    can i ask you to help me to make a mixing desk?
    if you have a materials document to do it , I would be pleasing to you
    Wanted to be friends, but also just wanted some suggestions on that thread. I don't want him to build it and it to be wrong.

    give me your email addy - I want to forward you some emails from a client of mine in the phillipeans who just finished a studio I designed

    You'll see for real just how flat a design can get you- no bull - no fluff - his words straight to me - and you can always email him direct if you want to "hear it" with your own ears.

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