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  • I know you don't come here anymore, but happy birthday anyway!
    I hope you're doing well and doing what you want.
    A nurse and an archer-great!
    I'm also a nurse,
    recording (soon...) on a VS 2000CD,
    Hi, Richie,

    I saw some of your notes about the Sony ECM-MS957 microphone and wondered if I could have the benefit of your advice. I recently purchased a Mackie sound board FXM8 and wanted to use my Sony mike to record some of the vocal concerts I give. As you know the Sony is a stereo mike. What would you advise as a practical and inexpensive way of utilizing the stereo mike with this board which is wired for mono plugs? I hoped there was a generic unit out there but it seems not. Any suggestions??? I have a Shure beta 58, but feel that the Sony gives me a superior sound.
    Hello Richard. I'm new here. I have read your post about mics and coffees and I liked your way of thinking a lot. Would you be so kind as to help me with choosing mic preamp for acoustic guitar under 1000$? I use Apogee duet2, new AKG C414xls and Martin D18. Im very into vintage kind of warm acoustic guitar sound Havens/Page and masterpiece Paris Texas by Ry Cooder. What kind of preamp under 1000 would you suggest to get closer to it? Secondary purpose is electric guitar (vintage amp and axe fuzz, boosters etc). Im thinking about UA TwinFinity 710 or 610 basicly one channel tube one as the second mic would go directly to Apogee. Are these preamps a right direction? Thank you. Ritchie

    i was lead to believe it was possible by reading abit on
    the "non-linear editing" section of the machines manual,is that something
    completely different??
    hi richie,
    i was reading the great help you gave davester,and i was wonderiing if you help me with some issue i'm having understand the Roland vs-1824?
    1. can i and if so how do i detail edit a track,like
    copying and pasting a performance part on to other parts of the recording?
    i guess what i'm trying to do or want to know is,
    is it possble to do editting "copying&pasting like in protools etc. programs
    2. i have some experience with the machine ,but i always had a hard time multi track mastering to cd,can you help me step through
    the process ? i'm kind of slow in picking up on details when it comes to
    techy stuff...
    it would be a BIG help if you could help me through these questions...
    let me ...thank u
    Just stopped by to say hi, my friend. I remember you helping me a lot with the studio as well. I definitely won`t get a Beta microphone now!:)
    Thank you
    Richard, I always enjoy reading your posts and I think you have an EXCELLENT attitude. You take more time and have a little more patience with noobs than most people on these boards. You also seem to genuinely be a nice guy. I was trying to leave you reputation but wasn't allowed so I thought I'd let you know this way. Thanks, Rodney
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