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  • It makes me quite sad that the Jan. 1978 recording of your Zokalo album have been taken down. I wanted to see how a pro could make an 80-8 sound. From one 80-8 owner to another, I'd love to hear that a track from the album!!
    MR.KING i dont want to be a pain but i shure could use a copy of the WS-X1 manual i have no idea how to run this damn thing my email is ( thanks!!!!
    Hey there. I wanted to know if you could send me the recording of Wildfire. You had it up on your soundclick but its gone now :-(
    I'd be rich if I were selling this thing. ;) It's on the way to you. Enjoy, and cut me in for 5 points on your first million seller. ;)
    Dear Richard,

    Sorry, yet another request for the user manual for the Sansui WS-X1.Would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Wishes,

    Hey King, I just bought a Sansui ws x1 at a yard sale today and would love if you could send me an email with the manual. My email is Thank you so much man, peace
    hello dear mr. king! if you could also send me one of these manuals it would be appreciated a lifetime. or in fact i would be very thankful. thanks and regards
    I JUST BOUGHT A Sansui WS-X1 AND HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT. Could you kindly send me a copy of the user manual? KILLERTHRILLERS@AOL.COM
    Hi Richard, a friend just brought me Sansui WS-X1 over seas but he lost the manual. Could you kindly send me a copy of the user manual?

    Hey Richard, I know I'm way too late on this thread, hahaha. But I just bought a wsx1 and would like to see if it's possible that you could send me the manual too, if you still have it. I'm really looking foward to messing around with this machine. Thanks very much,
    Analog Aaron

    I've just seen you can send the Sansui WSX1 Manual. I'm very interested if it's possible.
    My mail :

    Thanks a lot !

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