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    tuning telecaster

    Use the 9.5" gauge, and Bob's yer Uncle.
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    What is the reason for the detachable power cords on amps?

    You can buy IEC cords with a 90° angle; And I've always theorized it is something to do so you get away with a cheaper UL or CSA approval. Ditto for anything that does not have an internal power supply, and I've seen mixers, dbx compressors, and other gear do this. Cheaper to make, cheaper to...
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    Marshall Speaker Cabinet Mod Opinion Request

    Fender has been doing it for 912 years. My 60's Bandmaster cabinet has fiberglass batting. I get itchy just thinking about it. Does it work? :confused:
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    Considering some DIY work

    This should explain it all: Now, if the neck is back bowed, loosening the truss rod should help, and can never hurt. ;) Just don't go too far, and have an up bow!Loosen it maybe a 1/4 turn. If that seems better, but still not enough, another 1/4 turn is all I'd go. After that, I'd take it to a...
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    Amplifier problem..

    Well, you can now learn to troubleshoot. Start with the obvious; the cable, then the guitar. If that's OK, move onto the speaker. Grab the speaker lead, and put a 9-volt battery on it, thusly; Just touch the battery to the 1/4" plug quickly, and you should hear a 'pop' from the speaker, and...
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    MIC Repair Help Needed

    This may help, or this may not help. :rolleyes:
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    Need a little help with my peavey windsor

    Remember, this is all just my opinion, and my tastes may not be similar to any sane or rational person, real or imagined. Anyway, here is the preamp; What I've circled in red are the treble peaking circuits. Also, circled in blue can be considered a treble peaking circuit. It's the cathode...
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    Has ANYONE had luck getting Cubase Support?

    .......good or bad? :confused:
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    Pedal Question

    Keep in mind with anything I say you should ask yourself 'What the Hell does he know?' Also, I have no idea how to resize any drawing I uploaded, so I apologize for the excessive size. :o Now, any 'clean' boost, or straight preamp is usually just a simple op-amp, like so; .......clean, and...
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    When is it time for a fret job?

    My muddled thought was that if the fret was worn or pitted in a way that the crown or high point isn't dead center of the fret anymore, the temperament could get worse, and I would imagine I'd hear it more than ever. I doubt the fret wears perfectly flat or symmetrical, but I may be wrong. Which...
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    When is it time for a fret job?

    You should be able to feel when you need a fret job; Go by how many guitars you have, how often you play each one, and how fussy you are about that guitar playing as perfectly as possible. Weird things like what strings you use make a difference. For bass players, flat wounds have minimal...
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    TS 808 build help

    I really don't get the point-to-point fad. You want to cram all this; ..... into a pedal without the benefit of a circuit board to hold parts, avoid shorting leads, and be compact? :confused: The 'best' kit may be the General Guitar Gadget, but BYOC has a BD2 clone that can be modified to be...
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    buying some more test equipment

    Those would be 'emission' testers, which aren't too reliable or sought after today. The TV guys (at least around here) seemed to like B&K, and B&K made a plethora of different testers for every budget. Ham guys like to build, so they might have a 'kit' like Eico or even Heathkit. But those...
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    This is pretty, but need a maple fb.

    This is mine; I did swap the pickguard for a 'plain' w/b/w version, so it looks less 'pretty'. Still, a very cool bass that I get compliments from the guys I do my two or three bass gigs a year with.
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    who is the amp guru

    The best way I've found to 'see' a tremolo circuit in action is with a plain old-school analog voltmeter or even a VTVM, like so; As the 'Speed' control is set higher, the needle should swing faster. Assuming the wiring is right (even if you check all capacitors and resistors for value...