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  • I actually have a lot of stuff but don't know how to incorporate them all together.

    Obviously I have a computer... the line6 toneport...the maudio monitors...

    then I have guitars and i did have a drum set but got rid of it...lookin to get an electric set...

    I have a PA system. Peavey Bandit amp Crate halfstack. An old OLD bass amp...its cool looking.
    then your standard array of cables and Mics. My favorite is a shure Beta 28 I believe...
    I have a Fostex MR8CD that I got before Using reaper...It's cool but I like being able to use a screen to break down the audio files and tweak them.. and I think I have a behringer 99 dollar little mixer somewhere.

    I'd like to trade in the Fostex to get some additional equipment but dont know what I need or what I should get. As far as rack effects go.... Completely foreign to me.

    Ok that's all thanks.
    hey I'm new to this site... I'm a security officer ad for the past 10 hours at work i read almost all of the posts in the let me see your studio thread... i was just curious to see if you had any photos of your studio? the last one i saw, you were on a ladder(or someone was) but i never saw the inside.

    I've been dreaming of making my own studio. right now i use nothing more than Reaper and a line6 toneport interface with Maudio monitors....but i have big plans. going to refinish my tiny condo basement and make a better space....

    anyway, i'd love to see some pics.
    Rick had a choice to make and he knew it. He and I had a conversation a month or so ago where I asked to be more civil in the forums especially to new people. He chose not to do that. Then he chose to flame me for a small joke. he didn't get banned for the flame, he got banned for not sticking to his agreement. The flaming solidified the fact that he wasn't going to change.

    Leave if you want, I don't care. I stand by my decision.
    Hey there, when you get a free moment take a look at my new "studio" build photo album over at my profile. It's more of a rehearsal space with decent recording capabilities.
    Thanks for all your helpful and kind comments.
    Hello pandamonk. Thanks for the invitation. Was there anything that you needed or wanted to know, or just to be friends?
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