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    Any ways to force Live use RAM for frozen tracks?

    Disk is good. I have huge projects. And in the most cases only frozen tracks (that are long) cause problems. Sometimes I just had to loop whole project and play about 10 times to avoid orange disk indicator. I seem to be saying to Ableton 'good boy, this tracks I have to listen without dropout...
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    Any ways to force Live use RAM for frozen tracks?

    Thank you Dave. I have already SSD. I have recently started using it as a temporary project folder. But it would be cool if such option like 'global RAM using' would be by default. And I agree with you that almost all DAW use RAM by default that is the smartets way as I think. Someone says that...
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    Any ways to force Live use RAM for frozen tracks?

    I have slow disk (WD Purple 3TB) and sometimes have dropouts when many tracks are frozen. I don't want them to be flattened because sometimes I need to tweak plugins and refreeze again. How to force Live to put frozen tracks to RAM by default? P.S. I have 64gb RAM
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    Ableton Live 11.1.0 Corpus is broken

    Hi! I have Corpus audio effect that is broken. Dry/wet rather doesn't work than does. Native presets work without any logic explanation from time to time. It also often just doesn't let the sound run through. Actually any plugin tweaking, loading, disabling/enabling chaotically gives me...
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    Ableton Live. Folded VSTs and VSTis by default

    Hi! Does anyone know if there is any setting forcing Ableton Live to add 3rd party plugins folded instead of unfolded? I never use this X/Y pad and it takes free space of the bar.
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    Do you know a good compressor for the Fender American Deluxe Guitar?

    Hi! I play in a cover band and our genres are famous pop, pop-rock and even some house music. The guitarist has the Fender American Deluxe version. He wants to find a compressor pedal that could delicately handle the dynamics without squashing it, but at the same time compress it neatly...
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    Studio One randomly disappearing audio tracks

    I did it many times, sir! Also I've tried all manipulations with the options menu I can ever imagine. This problem is actually not new for me. I've experienced that for a long time. But this day I decidet to ask people on forums cause I couldn't stand it anymore
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    Studio One randomly disappearing audio tracks

    Hello everyone! Sound of audio tracks may randomly drop out. For example, I render the bass part from the midi instrument to the audio, then I press play and the bass may disappear. I have to press the space bar twice. Then it returns to the mix. Well, after a couple of plays/stops, it may...
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    Reamping with pedals

    Hi guys! I’m a songwriter and I reamp sometimes not only guitars but some other sounds. I have Marshall JH-1. It has good soft overdrive with no sound destroying but it rolls off the high frequencies. I’ve tried out the Boss DS-1 and DS-2 pedals (distortion ones). And a pink noise test running...
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    Ableton Live 11 shortcut issue

    H! guys! Does anyone know why Ctrl+5 isn't working? It doesn't switch between fixed and adaptive grids. It's also annoying that developers made the fixed 1/16 grid by default in the new version. And there's no way to change it! Win 11 x64 21H2 Live 11 Suite 11.0.11 P.S. I loaded the project...