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  • I used to have a double bass & how I got into VSTis was that I bought Sound on sound & Computer music when I was looking at going digital and one of them contained a double bass VSTi. It were unbelievable ! I thought the sound was fantastic, it was like the player was in the room with me. My wife was pregnant and space was an issue, I sold my double bass and went looking for a good double bass VSTi, thinking they would be easy to find.
    After 8 years of trying so many {including the famous Trilogy} and never finding one that was just like the real thing {the Danny Thompson one is by far the best......but still missing a couple of moves that I needed} and finding that my fretless acoustic bass guitar didn't sound like it either {although it has it's own unique sound, with tweaking}, I just thought I'd go back to the real thing ! So I bought a half size one a few months back and I look forward to recording with it. It's pretty much bottom of the range, but then, so am I as a player !
    It was crazy!
    Rioting in the streets! Fires burning everywhere! Mass food shortage! I shat my pants!


    (g'mornin Henry :) )
    Moving into? One of the great effects of diabetes is- you get to be old before your time. In the day, I had hair- and teeth.
    Finally added as friend. I had changed email address but not updated here so my account was inactive.

    I design microphones. I was a development engineer at Shure and am aconsultant for Electrovoice. I also have a new little mic company of my own. We make condensers and a ribbon.
    Les Watts
    L M Watts Technology
    So do I mate and to be honest it was the best thing around at the time. I like my country new or bluegrass otherwise i'm not too keen on country and western style.
    The same way i like folk songs done in a fun way Eg the pougues. The punk feel adds too it,
    Im just and old Punk at heart lol = : )
    Thanks for that Henry
    Yes i'm into Dylan and OCMS im a big fan of the album Desire and the film ronaldo and clara. Have been since i first saw it as a young teen. I digress.
    The signal chain was
    12 string acoustic>niaint xs>alice preamp>m audio delta 66
    banjo>gls es57>alice> "
    guiro>gls es 57>alice> "
    Bass>DI> "
    Acoustic Fills>DI> "
    Piano is midi as is claps and tamborine
    Vocals> gls es57 and Behringer b2 pro>alice pre>m audio delta 66

    Glad you liked it
    Hey Henry
    How are you mate?
    Just a quick message to let you know i posted a recording in the clinic and would value your opinion it's called Wagon Wheel
    First 21st bday was pretty cool. Thought give it another go. Now my head hurts and I gotta go to work. :eek:
    I've posted another gls 57 clip on sound cloud.
    The links in the same thread as before mate.
    thanks for the comment
    Oh... well then what do we need Jon Stoppable for? I don't like remembering aliases of Jon O'Neil's aliases anyway :mad:
    I'm willing to move once a deal is made. Whereever I don't care where, i just want to do my music.
    Hey what's up friend? It's your friend Baby OJ! I'm here just spittin it real big, tryna make these stacks while I hit dis cig. So if you tryna hear me rappin, you best well start tappin, on those buttons that make shit start happening. I'm all about my money, my cars and clothes, but what I'm really about, you can sense it in my flows. Justin Hill Aka Baby OJ all rights reserved, do not steal my shit this goes to anyone. I will hunt you down, like bozo the clown. "these rap lyrics were written and typed by no other than Justin Hill Baby OJ himself, on April 2nd 2012 at 11:29pm."
    Definitely! I'm pretty stoked about it. It was like the 2nd most expensive thing I've ever bought for my studio lol...so it took a long time to save up, but now I can't wait! Can't wait to run my MK 4 and re320 through it!!
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