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  • Hey bro - I'm pissed too. But I'm going to back off a bit. I'm driven by Betty's banning with the same rage you feel... but anger isn't going to help us any. Come join us over at A & A. Nobody's gloating all that much...

    hey man..can u help me with setting sme gud metal tones in zoomg2nu??the tone controls r bit different frm the g21u..so im havin a bit of difficulty..
    hahaha! It's good to be able to laugh at that shit. I try to laugh at just about everything. You're a good man qq! Now join the club! lol
    Hey man I just dug up and old thread about listing your gear and I saw you have an ART 341, and I was wondering what your opionion is on it. I was thinking about getting one.

    Wassup dog?

    My elder cat is down to 6.2 pounds. She's old and on her way out but still loving life day by day.
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