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    Using Logic x and iTunes with sound flower

    I've been trying to run iTunes through logic using sound flower, I can get it to work, But I also want to use my audio interface to run mic's and guitars etc... I've tried to use sound flower as an aggregate device, also multi-output, not having any luck getting them both to work simultaneously...
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    I have 6, love them, and play all of them, they all have a purpose. Fender strat tobacco burst maple neck Epiphone LP Standard ebony Dean Performer Acoustic Kramer Striker 7 string FR SD DeArmond Pilot 5 string bass and my newest, an Epiphone Riviera Royal P93
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    Is it wrong to mix using a large PA system?

    I have a basement studio, with a PA system, consisting of two 1500w power amps, two channel EQ, DBX compressor, two Peavey SP5G 15" speakers, and two Yorkville YX15 speakers. I use a Digi 003 rack plus, into a Mac pro 3,1, with one vocal mic, one mic for a marshall amp/cab, one mic for a Genz...