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    Neck and fret question on 76 LP Custom

    OK, The '76 had a maple neck with a mahogany body. The maple necks were introduced in 1975 and never used before on the LP Customs. As such, LP Customs pre-75 are worth more in the vintage market as they have mahogany necks. With regard to the overall weight of the guitar, the full mahogany...
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    1954 Stratocaster and 1958 Tremolux

    Since my last foray in the Home Recording forums (guitar subsection), I have started an online store for my collection through prompting from (certain members here and) my girlfriend. I am happy to report that the interactions with customers I have experienced have been very heart warming and...
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    Solid bass amps for a rock band?

    In the opposite boat. Trying to go smaller. Lifting, packing and carrying large heads and wheeling 8*10 cabinets around on Saturday night are not my gig. In the home studio, I just want nice tone. So for live gigging, take weight into consideration. I've run a Genz Benz GBE 1200 and 750 with a...
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    Jason Thomas

    Where can I find more drumming from this guy: Marcus Miller - Estival Jazz Lugano 2008 - YouTube Jason Thomas is his name, and have been really impressed with the way he plays, especially from this concert with Marcus Miller. Just an inspiring performance on the sticks. Well recorded...
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    Amp Recommendations?

    This is my favourite amp at the moment: '65 Deluxe Reverb® | Vintage Reissue Series | Fender®
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    Roland Super Natural Kits

    OK, Looking at buying a Roland Super Natural series kit in the next 6 months. Maybe something from Santa for the tree. In particular, the TD-11KV and the TD-15K have taken my fancy. These things sound like a dream, but wanted some feedback from anyone here who (a) plays the drums and (b) has...
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    Microphone for Recording Brass

    OK, To record a trumpet in Ableton, I need to get it though the 2i4 audio controller. Therefore, looking at purchasing an attachment for the trumpet and a microphone. The questions is, which microphone, and why?