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  • I saw your post somewhere about confusing pickup wiring scencario... you sound like "the man"..can you help with with this.

    I have a 8 year old Samick Artist Series 335 copy...it is a nice guitar, Korean made... it is a good cheap guitar for touring and i wish to paint it in a special manner..something you would not do to a Gibson... so, ,y problem is the previous owner changes the pickups to GFS gold plated pickups...and the knob configuration is this:

    1 - master volume
    4 - douple poled tone knobs..not push pull, rather outer base knob, and an inner top knob

    So it is like 8 tone variations I guess... in the right combination, the tone knobs can control volume..but it is like pot luck in getting the right combo. I think they are wired wrong. This is what I need help with. Why did the person switch out the pickups with cheap GFS pickups? Also, I can't get the double-poled tone pots out of the F holes... they wont fit and there is no access panel.

    Should I junk all this and just put in someother pickups and single pole tone pots? Or is GFS a good brand of pickup? How can I get these huge tone pots out if i abandon them?

    Please lend me your expertise and a wiring diagram? These guys admitted something was wrong after the sale. They said "Something is funny about the wiring, we were experimenting with sounds"....grrrr. Now I know the full extent. I bought the guitar off the hood of a car in a Craigslist shady deal.

    The pickups may or may not have four wires each from what I read on some GFS pickups.

    Please help.
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