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  • those are what you recommended, and thanks, i was just wondering, becuase i had never heard of HB-102, so i was curious to see if those were anywhere near on the same level or if i should really replace them. thanks again.
    I don't remember what I suggested, so I don't really know. But I'm guessing I said a Jazz/JB combo, and they give a very wide range of sounds. They are by far the most popular combination of pickups out there, and for good reason - they work really well in a lot of situations.


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    so i have another question regarding new pickups again. i am wondering if those Duncans will also give me a good rythym tone, because despite the fact that i do mostly play lead, in between the solos i play, i do in fact do some rythym stuff. ive been told that EMGs give a horrible tone since they are mainly just made for high output, and i have otherwise been completely turned off to EMGs altogether. so, just curious about the tone on the duncans you recommended in addition to everything else. Also, i have decided that the next guitar im getting will be a Schecter C1 Plus, which comes with Duncan Designed HB-102 humbuckers, so i am also curious if those will get the job done, or if the ones that you have suggested will make a drastic enough difference that it will be worth extra money. so, just a few more questions i needed to know about. thanks for the help.
    Dear Light, I basically just made this account on here to ask you 2 questions that i could greatly use some help with. I don't make forums becuase many people disagree and it creates confusion for the writer. From reading some of your posts, and seeing your reputation points, its clear you know what you are talking about. So, my first question is this: I am a lead guitar player in a hard rock band, and in my free time, I love to play punk and shred (Joe Satriani, Dragonforce, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Yngwie Malmsteen are some examples) but at this point am still using my starter guitar, a Les Paul Epiphone standard. I am considering buying a metal guitar by Jackson or Schecter for their thinner necks and smaller frets and other such features that make quick soloing simple. I am wondering what you would recomend for me to get. Sadly, I am only 15 and have a price range. It would need to be under $1000, preferably in the range of 500-800. I know that probably limits alot of what you were thinking might be good, but hope it doesnt effect things too much. Question number 2: I am sort of into have the right pickups as I see it is an easy, yet simple way to improve overall sound. so, I am wondering what pickups you recomend. Please tell me if the pickups are in relation to the guitar you recomend, and if you recomend more than 1 guitar as an option, please tell me the pickups for each. I've been looking at Duncan and EMG, but whatever you recomend i will most likely take. I'm looking for something a little more high output than what I have for sure, and they need to be quite versatile since I do alot of big walk ups all over the fret board. lol. sorry i left you this 10000000 page essay, but i trust your judgement and hope you are willing to help.
    Hey Light,
    Thanks for the help on my Tele being wired out of phase. I was wondering if you might be willing to re-visit the post...I had a question about using 250 vs. 500k pots. If you can - thanks in advance,
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