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  • I'll give serious thought to it. I'm eager to hear how the G&L MFD sounds. I might change the neck HB to a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover like the USA ASAT Bluesboy has.
    I already have Barden HB's in my USA Hamer. I'd like to keep the ASAT stock for a little while at least.
    I have a USA G&L Legacy that has single coil sized humbuckers in the neck and bridge and I like them, but I just found a used set of USA G&L Legacy single coils and I'm going to have them put in. The pots need changing anyways and I'd like to get it back to the way it was when I got it 15 years ago (I had it modded about a year afterwards!).
    Just got a good deal on a G&L Tribute ASAT Semi-Hollowbody Bluesboy
    I've always appreciated Teles, now I finally have one (well an Almost Same As Tele)

    That ASAT is a beauty Koj, are you going to put a Barden in the bridge some time down the line? As for-almost the same as a Tele-I would say quality wise you have Better that most Teles.:D
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