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  • Hi, wanted to follow up on a post you made about the Ithaca-Agincourt recordings, I love the sound of those records and am so curious as to what your "notes" are on the equipment used. Especially if you know what microphones they employed!
    Thanks! I have no idea what they used and I don't want to resume a 10 year old email exchange, but might be possible to identify them from the booklet photos in the Cherry Red/Grapefruit reissue but I'm not really an expert on microphones. I do remember reading that they used a carbon granule telephone mic as a special effect on the Alice album (the distorted vocals on 'The Walrus and the Carpenter').
    Bit late on my part but thanks for your response! Do you happen to have a copy of that booklet or know where i could find scans?
    Hi Jp, just want to let you i've posted another question on the tr-808 which i really hope you can help me with, so if you get the time at some point have a read. The massive plus point is that i did what you said and i've got the 808 rocking out of both speakers, sounds awesome, just got a problem with hiss and buzz which is what i hope you can help with. Big big thanks for all your help so far, much appreciated - Simon.
    Hi, you probably want to ask this more widely. I don't know much about the A8's capstan system. That said, I would suspect the capstan belt of being slightly loose or something.
    I never really had much luck with my A8, to be honest... it was a bit too old and beaten up.

    The machine I replaced it with was a Tascam TSR-8 which uses 1/2" tape. Other machines to consider are the Tascam 38, the 388 and the Fostex R8 which was two generations after the A8.
    Hi JP. You helped me yesterday. Thx again. My fostex a8 lr plays for about 20 seconds and then stops. 1'st question- could the thicker tape be pulling too much and bringing it to a slow stall? Question 2- if I have to replace the unit do you know of a few other machines that record 8 tracks simultaneously (that's my key buying concern, price 800 American or less being next.) Anyway, if you can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Thx. Shawn
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