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    The Official BOSS BR-800 Thread

    If it's apparent only during playback, while the input sensitivity is dialed all the way down, then yes, I'm leaning towards your conclusion: the BR800 is malfunctioning, and it's not due to user error. Does this issue persist if you use the 1/4 inch input, instead of the XLR? Because if the 1/4...
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    The Official BOSS BR-800 Thread

    Check the COSM efx — are you running any compression, etc. on the inputs? This is the first thing I’d check.
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    Syncing the SR-18 with an External Sequencer

    The SR18 isn't syncing with the Kurzweil PC3k sequencer. They sync when in song mode from the start, but I can't go to the middle of the song and start there--it's one measure off. The SR18 song sequencer works with steps, not measures. My musical trainging and Kurz sequencer works with...
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    BOSS BR-800 : Exporting Drum Sequences

    I'm researching the BR-800's ability to export MIDI files of drums seqences and it appears it can't. It can import sounds and seqeunces, but not export them. Is this true? Picking up an Alesis SR18, which imports files but not sounds. I'd love to export the keepers from the BR-800, but it looks...