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    Sennheiser MD 21 help

    The MD 21 is a current microphone and still made today. Personally I would ignore the cable completely - the cable-wart is either a transformer to unbalance the microphone or one that also converts it to high impedance for ancient tape recorders; so you don't really need it. So - just get a...
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    Searching for My First Mic

    If money is tight and you want to do the best you can at a low budget - then I would look at the Focusrite Scarlett Solo studio bundle.
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    Cardioid ignorance

    This is the front:- The front of the cardioid pattern points here:- This is what a cardioid pattern looks like:- I hope this helps.
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    Condenser Mic for Vocal Recommendation Under $1500

    The Gefell MT71S uses the original Georg Neumann M7 capsule and is within your budget. $ 1,100 at Vintage King HERE They can also do the Rycote mount and special pop filter. In fact the switchable UMT 70S is only just over the top of your budget and may be worth considering - especially as...
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    Wasting Light Microphone

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    Professional Paris based early music group

    Probably a good pair of small doaphragm condenser cardioid mics in ORTF would cover most classical performances - providing the room is good. A Gefell M300 stereo set would be a good start - high quality and not too expensive. The Neumann KM184 are also OK and the Sennheiser MKH8040 are akso...
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    Can I use omni small diaphragm condenser mics for XY stereo far away pointing?

    Going back to the original question..... It's useful to know how a cello radiates sound at different frequencies when placing the mics - see below:-
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    Mic stand suggestions for heavy mics?

    Latch Lake MicKing 1100 That is a *heavy* mic. and the lady is 5' 8" tall, to give you an idea of height. The MicKing 1100 is a heavy, superbly engineered, stand that will take a very heavy mic. without droop - I have actually seen, at a show, a bar with about 5 heavy mics. all supported by...
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    Monitors make that big of a difference

    Equator D5
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    Wired version of Sennheiser SKM 5200?

    The SKM 5200 is not a microphone - it's just a hand-held transmitter body that the user can choose what microphone head to screw onto it (though Sennheiser mostly only picture it with the Neumann head). If you buy one, you have to order 3 items: 1) the SKM 5200 body, 2) your choice of...
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    Microphone sound problems?

    Nothing's at fault - this is normal when using a built-in sound card. What you need is a proper external USB interface that does all the analogue audio bit and sends high quality audio digitally into you computer by USB. There are a large number of devices available, depending on what you want...
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    suggestions of monitor speakers

    With a $400 budget I would get a pair of Equator D5 - superb quality at the price.
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    On RCA adapters is Red/Right and White/Left?

    And the word for "Right" starts with an "R" in quite a lot of languages, which is probably why it became the consumer standard. Presumably because you have never worked in a professional broadcast situation ?? Nagra used red for left and green for right as you can see in this picture of the...
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    Would you do analog recording ?

    No, you are getting me totally wrong. I never said that at all. Firstly I was saying what *I* preferred, not what everyone likes, as I was answering the OP's question which was directed personally. Some people like things clean and accurate, others prefer coloured and dirty - both methods...
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    Recording a Grand Piano

    But loses the bottom end. Sound radiates from a grand piano like this:- So your suggestion does get the right angle, it seems. But for a solo recital in a good room I will never use a directional mic. as the piano sounds thin in comparison to using an omni. I like to place a pair of omni...