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  • dario - the c3000 is rather brightish, and can do pretty well on acoustic guitar and vocal, and i would probably select it, or the c2000, over the perception line. a good pop filter is very helpful for close vocal work - i would stay around 8-10" from the mic. there are a number of pretty good choices for vocal mics in that price range. the SP B3 and B1 are very good for the money, as are a couple of the MXL models, like v67g. KEL makes some excellent, very afffordable mics for vocals. also look at what avantone offers. the AT2020 and AT3035 are both quite nice and cheap.

    I dont know which mic is better for home recording??
    I've heard that C3000 works fine on longer distances, and for Perception 220 you have to be close.
    I dont need mic which can work on long distances, I just need good quality. Price is the same. I dont know which microphone
    have better quality of voice.. Can You help me??

    Thanks, Dario
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