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    Suggestion on Panning needed!

    Cool tune. Lots of issues with mix. Agreed that main solo guitar is either just over distorted, or maybe you have a saturation plug on it? Also the cymbals are really friggen harsh as well. One suggestion, forget about the 'stereo width' thing. I have yet to hear someone use one effectively...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Good day mate! :)
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    Are PreAmps a marketing myth?

    Naw man, that is not fair nor is it true. The comparison between a ART MPA II and a Neve 73 is not a competition in any way. They are two different animals. It is more about the sound you are looking for. Personally, I had a MPA and it sounded to me like an 80's ADA guitar preamp giving...
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    Do I need delay?

    Delay is sometimes used to create a 'space' as well as reverb. Sometimes a short delay can help to create a space without making the source sound distant like reverb can. Many times something like a combo of a stereo delay sent to a plate verb used subtly can enhance the space without it getting...
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    OMG! Where To Put All This Gear?

    So many here have these clean and pretty organized studios. Props to you that do that. I just don't clean much. Mine is messy and dusty. But it is a layed back kind of rehearsal studio environment. Back to the OP question: stack shit and make the room as you best you can. Make it pretty if you...
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    VPN Pros? Cons?

    Anyone around here using a VPN? Any insight into benefits or drawbacks? Recommendations? Jimmy
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    New to Forum - New Studio Gear Connection Question

    Welcome WS! Best to post this in the 'Studio Building $ Acoustic Treatment' forum. I will move it for you. :)
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    Merry Christmas Kids!

    Just wishing you all a great holiday! :) Jimmy
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    I'm bored, so just leaving these here

    For no particular reason...
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    Oh crap!

    Tried a new plugin that now has my Cubase unable to open. Gonna throw some shit at some shit!!!
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    Free space from politics

    I just wanted to say that I actually get to take a good and healthy deep breath when I come to this site. FB is a political meat grinder. It is tiring and non productive. People I have been friends with for decades threatening to unfriend. It's insane. I like coming here and talking about...
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    Merry Chrismas!

    Merry Christmas to all! Well, except that one guy... LOL!
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    Bettermaker Mastering limiter thoughts. Go. Asking for a friend.
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    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans that celebrate this holiday. To everyone else; happy sad day for American turkeys! :) Cheers!
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    Connecting X32 board to Cubase

    I have a buddy who is having issues with getting Cubase to recognize the driver for the X32 mixing board. Any ideas? I have not looked into it yet but do have a CD release show that I wish to record in 3 weeks. Hopefully I can help figure it out beforehand.