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  • Hey man, how are you and the family? I have been in the dark ages forever, hope all is well.
    Howdy there stranger!

    'Dark ages' huh? I hope that just means you were busy with your life and forgot about silly things like chatting on this forum!

    All is well with my family so far. A bit of aging and social chaos around us, but otherwise trying to do it as gracefully as can be expected. :giggle:

    How have you been? Still above ground it seems, so can't be to bad right?

    Cheers brother!

    Hello jimmys69, I have a question for you:

    I have 2 UR824 units. I want to know if I can control which mix comes out of the slave UR824 front Phones output. For the moment I can't find how to change them, they seem to be stuck to "Mix 1 L/R".

    Thank you very much in advance, have a good day.
    I'm new here and just posted to "Gear Review & Questions" titled (Zoom H4n Manufacture Date?). If this is posted in the wrong area please move.
    Thanks, but you seem to have deleted both. I only meant the one in the MP3 clinic mixing. Am I allowed to post covers in the singing and vocals forums?
    I seem to have posted a thread in the wrong forum, in the "MP3 mixing" forum, and the thread is called "cover of Ed Sheeran's make it rain", and I'm having trouble deleting it. May I have some help?
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    I seem to have posted a thread in the wrong forum, in the "MP3 mixing" forum, and the thread is called "cover of Ed Sheeran's make it rain", and I'm having trouble deleting it. May I have some help?
    This is acidrock. please explain your banning of me after thirteen years and no infractions. Have you ever heard of a warning?
    You can reamp snare drums. You need a small speaker and a mic. Place the speaker on, or just above the snare and send a snare track through it. Mic the actual snare. This works especially well when you need more strainer sound.
    Wow, thanks man, although I doubt it's better than anything you've ever released; from the stuff you post on here, I assume yer music must be as least as good as yer geek knowledge.

    Just out of curiosity, where did find the tunes to listen to from each band?
    Oi mate. got yer rep message but I'm fairly new to this forum so I'm not sure how to respond other than this method or a pm. I played lead geetar in a group called AM Taxi (Virgin Records) and prior to that I was in a group called Air This Side of Caution, in which I sang lead vocal, played rhythm geetar, and wrote almost everything. Just cuz you asked. ;)

    I was actually asking real questions. I didn't know about the charity thing with Greg's cd until you posted that. That's probably something he could've answered, but the thread closed. I've actually sent him a message telling him that I thought that's cool.

    I know the discussion got heated, but I think we were cooling it down. My last few posts were just questions because I wanted to find out where he's coming from. I wasn't insulting, just asking questions. I didn't make any statements or opinions on his answers because I realized I wasn't completely informed. I thought that thread was about to turn a corner, but it got shut down.

    Pass this on to Chili.
    You need to place the "Please, Please Help" guy's post where everyone can see it. This guy is a hoot! LOL! ¬Toyz
    Hey Jimmy,

    I'm not sure my earlier messages made it to you...you merged a thread I posted, but I don't know where to look for it. There was some potentially helpful info there...I really would like to get my Reaper/Alesis io2/Windows 8 set-up configured. Thanks for your help!
    Hey dude looks like you accidentally closed my computer thread! Can I have it back mister? Pretty please? :D
    Sigh. The Rep back thing is what I instinctively do but as you know that is limited. I spread the rep but sometimes it's not enough.
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