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  • LOL I listened to the tracks on your site in yer sig, hilarious :D 'Edward' reminds me of that '3 little pigs' song by green jelly.... Nice job on the production too, sounds great!
    hey dude,
    you said "Yep, create an FX channel with your reverb inserted there. Send your panned guitar to the FX channel. Pan your FX channel the other side."
    Don't want to sound like dumb and dumber but can you send me one of your cool pics on how to do this? Somehow I tried this, and I think I totally f***ed it up. And since last time one look at your pic, and I learned more in that one time than I learned in reading countless of instructions.
    i bow down to our greater knowledge so stop me where im wrong please! An interface automatically converts analog into digital right but a mixer does not right? so if i run xlr cables through the mixer that then goes into the interface will it still convert?!?!?!?!?!
    im about to buy a macbook pro and run an interface more or less maxed out with inputs about 10 for recording, anyway will 4gb suffice or should i go for 8gb after affects later and whatnot i just want to know if the mac of 4gb can handle the recording first of all and all the mastering and crap like that too

    please help !!! thanks
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