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    Advice on improving sound

    No, by "adding" and "trimming" i'm talking about bumping or reducing specific eq frequencies
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    beer drinkers and hell raisers

    Oh ok. It's acoustic drums miced with 2 electra voice condensor mics as over heads, a shure sm 57 on the snare, and a kick drum micnof some kind (can't remember the brand and model)
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    beer drinkers and hell raisers

    "To tight" Are you tallking about the tuning or the drums or my drumming? I'm a guitar player who dabbles with drums. I'm trying ro improve my drumming and any advicebis welcome. Not exacrly sure what "too tight" means though. Thanks for the input!
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    A first recording effort on Zoom R8.

    Great first effort man! Not much to complain about
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    Advice on improving sound

    I think the song and performances are great. Like has been said already, it is a little muddy sounding. Trimming a little flab in the 250k to 500k range on vocals and guitar would help. Wouldn't hurt to maybe add a little in the 2000 htz range too. Nice work!
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    beer drinkers and hell raisers

    Thanks guys
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    beer drinkers and hell raisers

    Had fun on this one. A buddy of mine sang and played guitar with me. Any comments and suggestions welcome!
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    Killing floor

    Thanks beagle. I agree the lead guitar performance isn't my best work. Overbends and sloppiness in general . I will spend more time on the performance next time. I spent a lot of time tweaking the guitar tone this time and was kind of spent when I got it there.
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    Killing floor

    Thanks Bulls
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    It's been a long time!

    Great tune Phil. Good lyric too. The mix is pretty good. Almost every country music mix has the vocal very hot in the mix (moreso than rock). I feel like the vocal on this tune is a little too low in the mix for country.
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    Take me to the River

    Super cool! I love the tune and the mix. It's a very creative recording. You always go outside the box and I love that. I wouldn't change a thing
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    Don't know pain at all

    I listed to mix 1 I guess. I thought the acoustic was nice and fat...the way it should sound when it's just guitar and voice. Nice balance between guitar and vocal in the mix. I thought it was a great lyric!
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    How juicy?

    Great riffs man. I think the guitars sound really good. Loved the part towards the end when you slowed the tempo down. Nice work!
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    Killing floor

    Thanks Phil