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    New Guitar Day

    I used to have an Electra LP just like that one. They are fine guitars!
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    Back on, after years idle....

    Hi spantini
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    Looking for that big guitar sound

    On guitar recording you have to keep the main thing the main thing.... The sound coming out of your amp. If the sound coming out of your amp is incredible the recording can sound incredible with minor tweaking. If the sound coming out of your amp sucks the recording will suck no matter how...
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    New Guitar Day

    I think it is an Ibenez artcore post 2002. It is beautiful man! I too like them better without the scratch plate.
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    New Guitar Day

    Is it an old one made in Japan during the late 70's early 80's? It looks like it may be but the logo on the headstock may be more modern. I dunno
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    Rock of Ages

    The song really has a great feel to it and a catchy melody. The acoustic sounds fantastic. Props on your engineering skills and ear for a mix! Not much to complian about on this one. Nice work!
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    Cover of Richie Havens "Freedom"

    Freedom... the techno trance house mix! Really cool man. I enjoyed it and think the mix and effects are spot on.
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    All I Really Want To Do

    I like the mix. Acoustic sounds great. The vocal is up front like it should be on a soft tune like this. The verb on the vocal is really nice and not too wet. If I have to nit pick i would say the bottom end may be a hair too pronounced but I'm not sure of that without further listens. Like I...
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    Paw paw what if?

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. I know this wasn't put up for mix critique and just us putting vocals over a backing track. So, thanks for not beating me up over that!
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    Bats Brew funk: "Poppin' Tight"

    Hasn't this been posted before?
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    Sound of Drums

    I think the mix is good now. Outstanding song arrangement! Everything is tight, well thought out, and well executed. Nothing to complain about. Great job!
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    Trash Can

    I really like it. Very aggressive sounding mix which i love. Really cool groove too man!
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    Just For Fun

    I think the balance is good. The vocal sets well IMO. Wouldn't sound as good up front and in your face. I agree that the guitar playing and tones are fantastic! Great job track
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    Paw paw what if?

    Thanks TAE. Actually the correct title of the Shel song is "Daddy, what if?". ( i changed it to "Paw paw" for obvious reasons) Bobby Bare and his young son originally cut this song back in the 1970's. If you like Shel, and haven't already, you HAVE to check out the Bobby Bare albums: "Down and...
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    Paw paw what if?

    Just me and my grandbaby against a backing track. Just goofing around and nothing serious. I have so much fun recording stuff with her! I have always loved this old song written by Shel Silverstien. Listen to Paw Paw What If? by jimistone on #SoundCloud