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    Late in life drug use

    Be careful with massive doses of rogaine. It can turn you into a real SOB
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    Acoustic electric live

    No Thanks! I googled fishman, and got this. I've got an Ibanez with an XLR out. Don't bother... It sounds like ass.
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    So what do YOU want for Christmas?

    Maybe if I sell a kidney...
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    Submit a song Win $25K

    This was in my email today. Get Out of the Garage | How it Works
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    Pickup winding ? for Muttley, JCH, or any of you other fools

    I originally approached it as a cheap experiment. I built my original winder for about $25, and I still use it now when I'm hand winding. Sophisticated gear isn't needed. I think that making custom pickups for your chellos is quite cool. It's a unique aspect that sets them apart from everything...
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    less paul

    Robbed! I can't believe it. I lost my Studio LP with a patent label pickup and a seth in it. The computer that ran my home entertainment ctr, and the one with my DAW on it, and the portable hard drive that had all of my archived tracks, backing tracks, 15 years of digital pictures, and who knows...
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    Get well Bobby

    Wow, I hope it's not too serious. Bob Weir Cancels All Upcoming RatDog Performances Through 2015 | Rolling Stone
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    Parachuting: Completely off topic!

    I've never been sky diving, but I flew hang gliders, and ultralight's In the 70's-80's.
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    Condom ad from Oz

    Four Seasons Condoms: #GetNAKED | Ads of the World
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    Guitar String Tension after restringing

    I found a graphic that proves the whole fishing theory, and it works.
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    RIP Mr Padre

    He was pure class on and off the field. I met him a few times. Once was at an autograph/meet-n-greet event. When we reached our turn at the front of the line, my five year old son exclaimed "You're #19" Gwynn flashed the smile he was famous for, and asked "Do you go to games?" He held up the...
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    bumper sticker

    Took this one day wandering around Keene, NH
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    Les Paul Junior group build thread : Tools

    Harbor freight has these clamps 50% off right now. $2.99 I bought 4 to add to my bunch.6" Quick Release Bar Clamp
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    Used gear for sale

    C'mon Man! A couple of them even had pickups.:D I believe that was Satire