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  • Hi Jamal! Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the 'pay it forward' thread. It is really awesome to see the activity it has received! If you still have the Epiphone guitar that you are willing to donate to a fellow musician I would hope to be considered. Please! :guitar: I have a fender acoustic but the "groovy" music I play deserves the tone of an electric:P and I would love to send you updates of the music it creates! If it's no longer available, I still thank you for the offer and also on behalf of whomever did receive it... like I said, This is so awesome to see, especially in this day of age. God bless you and happy holidays :)

    I know its been a long time, but do you still have that guitar up for "Pay it forward". The neck on mine just gave way, and I would treat with love and harmony.

    Anyway, great idea for this thread. I support this completely.

    Jeff Badger
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