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  • Hello, I just realized I had a message. I haven't been on the forum the past 2 weeks, I was making a workstation for my gear. I have a new focusrite saffire pro 40 interface ( from Kosmic Osborne Park) so I can record more than 2 mics at once and I'm trying to figure out how to operate it. At the moment I can't even get it to play back. I'll post a picture in the Let me see your studio section if I can figure out how it's done. I'm very new to recording and computers. I'm taking a music technology course, so far I've learned what can be done but not so much how to do it. It's good to know that there are some vintage recording guys around, all my classmates and instructors look almost like babies to me.

    See Ya, Jeff
    Thanks Hakea, your response to KidKage about gear upgrades put some things into a better perspective for me. I'm not sure if this the proper place to respond. I just turned 60 2 months ago, I live in Eden Hill
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