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  • Hi John,

    Hoping you can help me.

    Read your post about the tascam 388 and setting the azimuth once the heads have relapped. That’s where I’m at too. Did you manage to solve the problem or find someone who knew what they were doing ?

    Really appreciate any help.

    All the best,

    Hey! Thanks for the advice. You caught me at abad moment last time. I'm slowly warming to this whole analogue thing but it's been a real uphill struggle and I'm by no means there yet. My 'problem' is patience (or lack of!) I just want stuff to work and I'm not remotely technical. I've gone from working in studios as 'the talent' behind the mic to trying to wear all the hats and do everything myself. As a result the music (the one thing I'm moderatley good at!) has very much taken a back seat as it were whilst I get to grips with a way of recording it. Hopefully I'm now beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel hear and I can just get back to the strange art of making music! Thansk for your help and good luck getting 'your thing' together. PS: Roland SPace Echos are just THE coolest things eh?!!
    Obviously still connect to the 388 via the normal re-201 output. Just also insert a cable in the 'pa output', for totally wet signal from normal output. It seemed weird to me, I don't really understand how/why it works like but that's the only way to get 100% wet! I guess before you were getting some of the dry signal also come back from the return? im pretty clueless on tech stuff but i hope tht helps...
    Sorry to hear you're having a bad time with the 388...hope you get to grips with it and can finally finish some music on it... Just saw your post about the space echo. To get fully wet signal from the re-201 you need to plug a cable in to the 'pa output' socket, don't connect anything to the other end. This will give you a 100% wet signal. Which I gues is what you want on an effect send? Maybe this will help? I'm having problems setting mine up with computer interface. Levels seem very quiet going in to the re-201 from the outputs of a focusrite pro 40 :/ If you ever change your mind about getting rid of the 388 let me know! Thanks.
    Hi! In a nutshell ... NO! I just haven't been able to get going with it hence all my questions on here! I dunno, maybe it's just me or perhaps I've landed myself with a duffer but it's been one thing after the next - a total, utter pain in the arse! I bought one 'cause everyone bangs on about how great these are BUT I haven't completed one piece of music on it since I got it LAST DECEMEBER!!! Yeah, I admit it was sitting in a workshop awaiting repairs for about 2.5 months but, having got it back, I'm still not happy with it! Maybe I'm just having a bad year but the thing pisses me off big time! I'm probably not the best person to ask re: Tascam 388's right now to be honest! The way I feel about it of late I wanna chuck it off the nearest tallest building & watch the bloody thing smash into a billion tiny pieces but "Hey!" your opinion may differ! Good luck with it all ....
    Sorry for the random message. I saw you recently picked up a 388 in UK. I've been looking for a few months now and getting to the point where ill sell anything I need to to get one so I can mix my LP through it. Wondering if you're happy with yours and if not could I perhaps tempt you to sell? I know its a longshot! Please let me know. Many thanks
    Hi...I am days away from pulling the trigger on a 388...I noticed that u are new to the machine and asked many questions I had myself. IF i could trouble b u to ask: ARe u glad u got this machine? WAS it "relatively easy to getstarted us using the machine? and lastly.. m.d... any mechanical problems or trouble getting new tape? Thanks in advance!
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