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  • just read your post "hot to run a studio". Have to say it was a great read, thank you for sharing.
    Hey Frederic,
    I came across your post on "how to run a studio" a couple days ago,..(I believe it was a very old post),..and I must say, it was very informative! I really appreciate your posts! Keep Postin' brother!...Love that stuff!
    Hello. i am neww to this forum but read loads of ur threads n as i think u r a specialist i thought i'd pop up to ur inbox for a quick question. So, i have an old analog mixer and i need to make a box that would take individually the 6 channels that the mixer has and send them to my sound far easy! But i also need to have 2 sub groups, 1 aux send and 1 master mix send on that box. I thought its easy to make without any ic's or so but maybe its not and i have to find some diagram so that the channels wont be messed! Can u please give me a hand with this one? Just some links would be useful as i couldnt find some myself. Thanx in advance! George
    I stumbled upon your mixer thread but the images are missing. Do you have them posted somewhere? Sorry to bug you. Feel like I showed up for the party late... Thanks.
    hi i`am loking at the diy mixer but cannot see the diagram
    how can isee the diagram
    Ewell from Mauritius
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