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    Watchtower (REMIX) (Hendrix cover)

    Listened on some monitors and yeah i agree RE; the bass. Still kicks major ass as is though.
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    Manslick - I saw your son

    Lol. Channelling captain beefheart?
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    Watchtower (REMIX) (Hendrix cover)

    Excellent cover - you did it justice. no criticisms at all :)
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    Labyrinth - Mixing feedback? (Updated)

    bump for mix feedback. I've already determined that maybe the bass needs dialing back in parts..not by much, maybe a dB or two.
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    Always There

    Not able to judge the mix due to listening in a phone but I enjoyed the track
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    Labyrinth - Mixing feedback? (Updated)

    Thanks for the feedback! Dobro, I do indeed have a dreadful singing voice, I wouldn't inflict that on my worst enemy. Open to more feedback on the mix.
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    Labyrinth - Mixing feedback? (Updated)

    A bit of an eclectic mix of styles - hopefully it all flows together as intended and takes you on a bit of a journey. Open to feedback on the mix of course, plus any other criticism. labyrinth
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    Need some mixing advice on this snippet

    Of course, it's just that specific part which is giving me trouble...I'll have another go later and put the rest of the track up.
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    Need some mixing advice on this snippet

    Hey guys - here's a snippet from a song i'm in the middle of mixing.... I've been working on it all day and my ears are done, so I need a little objectivity on this part of the track beforeI revisit it. how does everything sound to you in terms of separation? Listen to pf02 by Sonoptic on...
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    Switching between two amps that share the same pedals.

    Hey guys. I have a new fender amp on the way to work in tandem with my Laney. The Laney has a DI out routed through a torpedo cab, then straight to the interface. The fender will require a torpedo captor load box. Here's the thing, I want both amps to share the same pedals and a single Torpedo...
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    Very cool..nice to hear something different every once in a while. Kind of reminds me of John Paul Jones' Zooma album...specifically the prominent low end and unorthodox rock style....
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    "Betrayed By The Cheese"

    What is that cool effect on the solo at 1:10? IMO i think for an instrumental you may need more of a 'hook'. That little riff is cool but not sure it can carry the track? perhaps it'll grab me more though in a proper band context. :) You have a great guitar tone.
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    "Space Farmer"

    I was expecting psytrance from that opening....but it developed into a rather tasty track! Enjoyed that.
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    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    Thanks kdub...I mixed very fast so that's encouraging. V minimal eq other than high pass ... Levels get u most of the way there I find, plus having everything in its own octave range. I'll give everyone else's track a listen once I'm back from holiday (can't judge very well from a phone speaker)
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    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    Quick mix on a track based on a brutal character named Lope de Aguiree, aka El Loco, aka Wrath of God, and his quest for El Dorado. Goes from rock and electronica to flamenco, and then death metal to finish the track up. I'll have another go at the mix once I get back from hols - feel free to...