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  • Could you possible help me with the firmware update procedure for a Fostex MR-8 (red)? I've been to the end of the internet and back and can't find the info. I've got the file copied to my CF card (v 1.21) but the record light flashes and all the keys are unresponsive at that point. Thanks!!
    Sorry fot the delay. Having a tough time here on HR with yje PM system.
    Please contact me at the numvber I gave you. I have the Reel Tables for the 4300 you requested.

    Thank you.
    i am goin to buy a 2channel Behringer Xenyx 1002 mixer and a microphone to start recording at home, but im not sure if the mixer will plug into my laptop? will it connect? lol help me please lol
    Hey Jim, did the cables get there? This is Thursday, and I haven't heard from you. I just want to know that the stuff wasn't lost.

    See you on the forum,

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