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  • Hello. This might be a tall order...

    In 2006 you posted here: http://homerecording.com/bbs/general-discussions/digital-recording-computers/firepod-wont-sync-dang-need-help-207468/
    You implied that replacing the Firewire PHYs on a Firepod was possible. Do you have any more information about that? Or about replacing PHYs in general? I've searched the internet but haven't been able to find anything.

    Thanks, and I hope you're still active on these boards.
    - Jarrad (I created an account just to ask you this.)
    Something I forgot to include in my rep - It wasn't until you mentioned video drivers that I thought of a boot camp update ;)
    I was one of the first to reply to/about the possible spammer joshuajackson21 and a weird thing happened yesterday that has never happened before on this site -a pop up ad appeared for some morphing ware I don't know if this is related but just weird thought you should know ....thanks for keeping an eye out...MoreSound

    I was reading your joke response to big red hot dog who has all the instruments in the world.

    I actually found your mic choices interesting. I assume they really do represent starting points in recording these unusual instruments.

    I would like to repost this info at my MixRemix blog either lightly edited to remove the context or, preferably, slightly expanded by you with a little more info about the sound of the instrument and why the chosen mics might work well recording that sound.

    I know it was an off the cuff post. If you have already written similar posts in more detail just point me to them.


    Hairy Larry
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