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  • Hey man, thanks for checking it out, I'm glad you liked it. That one is still my favorite song I've ever written...I wish I could write a few more like that! I don't have stuff for sale at this point, I've only gotten back into writing and recording again recently after taking about 15 years off when I got married and had kids. My kids are a little older now, so I have time again, and I'm back into it with a vengeance. I have a vague idea that once I get about 12 - 15 songs completed I may try to put an album together or something, but I'm not really sure yet. I may also just try to submit a few tunes for inclusion into a music library and see if I can get TV placement or something. For now, I'm just trying to write as much as possible and still learning a little more every day about recording and mixing. It's pretty amazing what is possible in a home studio these days, huh? It's a good time to be a home recording hobbyist!


    Dude....just listened to your song "Signs Of Life"....instant fan! Is your stuff for sale anywhere? Would love to get my hands on it.
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