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    Packing 101 (read this if you want your recorder / mixer to arrive in one piece)

    Partly true, in my opinion.. But if it's practical to double box it helps.. The 3 units (Fostex) that I mentioned were sent to me, not sent by me.. I have integrated a real good method over the last few years; Let's say it's a 4 or 5 space rack mount unit: Wrap it, and also, secure foam pipe...
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    MX 2424 / RC 2424 Alan? Or whomever may know..

    Hi, Alan? Dan here, out in California.. Hope you're doing well, and that you find this post.. Tascam Remote: RC 2424.. I saw a Tascam User Forums Post that you left, saying ok to use 5v / 4amp two conductor power supply, spliced into a DIN male in the absence of original Tascam Power Supply...
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    MX2424 Mix Mode.. Two Decks. Also: Why mix proj. Playback is TOO HOT!?

    Hi, maybe Alan (?) can answer here, hope all is well, out in Aus, Alan.. I was very happy to discover, quite a while back, that Version 3.12 (and some earlier versions) are capable of a MIX MODE.. I multi-track in 24 bit, and the dither feature available in MIX MODE is a god send.. GENIUS...
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    MX2424 / Avid Ultra320 EXT. SCSI No Initialize..

    Hi Alan, long time no talk.. you may remember me, I'm from way over here, in the United States, Monterey California.. I'm going to check the threads when I get home, but just thought I'd check in with you first.. I purchased four Avid Ultra 320 scsi drives.. formatting one at a time, terminated...
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    TASCAM MX2424 SPDIF Not Getting Sig To Meters

    Hi Alan.. Hope all is good.. So I'm looking at getting my SPDIF from my audio interface (Scarlett 6i6) to my MX2424. A little baffled, however, because, as far as I can tell, I have all MX menu parameters set properly. And, in fact, I AM getting steady illumination of the sample lock indicator...
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    TASCAM MX2424 Version 3.10 GB Limit?

    Alan? I can't remember what the max recognized gigabytes is when using V3.10.. Is it 36gb or 73gb? If I remember correctly, even if using a 73gb HD, version 3.10 will see only 36gb Did I get it right, or will it see all 73gb? Looked on internet, didn't find answer. Thanks as always, Dan
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    Tascam MX2424 SCSI Ext Back Up

    Alan? Or someone.. I have been successfully backing-up Tascam mx2424 programs (songs) to external SCSI drives (2 external drives) for months. I have always, of course employed "Smart Copy" for this operation. The other day I tried to Smart Copy a new version of a song to External SCSI Drive...
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    Tascam MX2424 And Rhino Jr Hot Swapable SCSI

    I have my MX2424, with internal hard drive working well, and my external drive being fed from rear panel SCSI Wide, as back up. Working well, totally efficient Running OS V3.10, with 256mb memory installed. Stumbled in to a Rhino Jr front panel SCSI Hot Swap drive, that was not working, but...
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    Event Powered Monitors, Popping Sound When I Power-down

    I have a pair of Event 20/20 BAS Powered Studio Monitors. (Older version, no heat sinks) They're fine as far as operation and sound, but one unusual thing has me concerned. When I power-down, using the switch on rear panel, they produce a loud "pop" ..Louder than one would expect ..The popping...
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    Alesis Q25 USB MIDI controller

    Is there a "reverse" function on this controller? So that I can have the "low notes" be on the right, and the high notes on the left? Works nicely when using as a midi drum set trigger.
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    Tascam Pencil Condenser Mic TM-PC1

    Tascam MX2424/Allen & Heath GL series.. Hi Alan, or whomever.. Anyone have any hands-on experience with this relatively new Mic? Tascam Pencil Condenser TM-PC1. Equipment: Tracking and Mixing in project studio with A&H GL2400 and Tascam MX2424. Intended application: 2 of them as Stereo...
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    Tascam mx2424 Primary Drive Crashed(?)

    (TASCAM MX2424, software version 3.12) My (original stock) primary drive stopped responding. The front control panel froze-up. There is an original stock internal back-up drive, (NOT a hot swap) mounted underneath the primary drive. I also have an external scsi drive connected to the rear...