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  • You have been most helpful with my MIDI questions. I can record the MIDI data from keyboard into Sonar. So should I assign those tracks to say Edirol sound canvas to play back multiple MIDI tracks? Any other good add on or program inside Sonar 3 that would do this besides Edirol? I know MIDI data has positive characteristics like small data files vs. large WAV, and you can quantize, etc. But, in the big picture, why make a bunch of MIDI tracks instead of just analog? Lastly, music studio computers. So many configurations. I am upgrading and it is a tough choice between maxing out the computer with CPU power and RAM with large storage area, or going with smaller storage area and using external 3 Terabyte HD's you can now get at WalMart. A good top of the line looks like an ADK or Antec, a medium line one looks like a Gateway DX80 something that now has removable HD. ADK with music software about 3000 bucks, Gateway about 1000 without the hardware.
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