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    Could someone in the USA help me out?

    I apologize for the off topic but there's a seller in the USA who has a good price (very cheap) on a NOS part for an old U-MATIC VCR that I wish to get my hands on. He offers free shipping to the States but a whopping $50 just to ship to Canada. Mind you that this is a small and light part - the...
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    Any issues cleaning tape with alcohol ?

    Hi, I got several prerecorded tapes on 5" and 3" reels, which came with a SONY portable deck, looks like home recorded family stuff from the 60 - 70's.. Some back-coated tapes in there and some not but that's not really important here... I am aware of sticky shed, various ways to deal with it...
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    TASCAM 244 speed adjust question

    Cory, here's a couple of those pics promised... They're the same model TC-800B, the one with reels on I'm almost done cleaning, need to recondition the roller and belts (though for 40+ year old rubber it's all still fine) and so too are the electronics! Those SONY's just keep going and going...
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    TASCAM 244 speed adjust question

    Hi, I haven't posted for a looong while but wanted to ask my old analogue buddies or more recent members, those who are perhaps familiar with the old portastudios, if there is an adjustment pot inside the 244 which will allow to substantially lower the speed, like say to the standard 1-7/8 ips...
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    MASSIVE 1 TON collection of reel to reel tape for only $25,000!

    Hi, It's been a long time since I've been here but I saw something insane on my local craigslist that i just had to share with you. Again, not my ad, just posting for historical purposes and your enjoyment. :D Just a brief comment: I completely understand the reasons behind having such a large...
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    contacting an eBay seller - can you do me a favor?

    Hi, A bit of a strange request but there's an item on eBay that I really want (a rare VHS tape) but the seller has it set up so that Canadian buyers can't bid nor email him. I'm not sure if this is an oversight or not but could someone (from the States) email him on my behalf to ask if he would...
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    Sticky Shed Help Thread

    Tim, how about these? Don't know the date. Can you say from the graphics / box type if these are good?
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    Which impedance would be OK to use?

    Before I start, this is not about spring reverb tanks but rather a question, some help that I need choosing the correct impedance. I am currently trying to find a spring tank replacement for my reverb unit. I wish to experiment with different tanks (type 4 and 9). These usually come in various...
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    How do I remove the "sleeve" from this connector?

    I made a photo of some connectors. A red "sleeve" (sorry don't know the proper name for this) is present on each of those (4) connectors. One of those connectors has a very fragile wire and I'd like to fix it but I'm not sure how it looks like inside, nor can I gain access due to the red sleeve...
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    respraying an old outboard unit? any advice?

    Cory, I'd send it to you if the shipping wasn't so damn expensive.:facepalm: Here's a couple of photos for you and Jeff. :)
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    respraying an old outboard unit? any advice?

    Hi, I have this old outboard rack mount reverb unit that I was going to get rid of due to its cosmetic condition and a few other faults but then I started to think about ways to possibly refurbish it. It's got bad scratches, not on the face or back but on every other side. I was thinking of...
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    Distorted playback on reel to reel - what could it be?

    Hey guys, I'd love to get some opinions from you on the most plausible cause of something I've found with an old Roberts 450A (same as Akai 4000D) 1/4 track deck from the early 70's... I've had it packed for a long time but upon unpacking, I first found that it wouldn't power up. After several...
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    WTB: BOSS DR-55 drum machine

    Does anyone here have one for sale, in nice condition and for a nice price? ;)
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    Wanted: KORG DRV-1000 digital reverb

    Message me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
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    cassette deck belt replacement questions...

    I'm working on a cassette deck now, replacing capstan and cam belts (major dis-assembly pain:facepalm: ) and the plan is to replace the belts using the original belt length minus 20%. The belts aren't falling off yet but I thought I'd get some which will last for many years. Is the 20% an issue...