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  • Hi Capt Hair,

    Many thanks for your response.

    Here is what I am trying to do.

    1. I make music , hip hop and trance type of music with FL 10.

    2. I have written lyrics to my songs but I do not know how to record my voice to those songs, When I use the default recorders in built, it adds so much noise and delay as well.

    3. my requirement is to record my voice to the songs I make. Later on I can mix all tracks with software like cubase.

    4. I found saffire 6, MBox, and fast track on the net? which one is good to do my job well?

    5, for monitors do you think M-Audio AV 30 is good? and for a headphone AKG K240?

    6. Can you please suggest a good microphone to work with the sound interface too?

    I have been reading many articles on the net but I am helpless.

    please do consider about the quality of the gear as well. There would no point in investing in low quality products right?

    Hope you can help me a bit.

    Thank you.
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