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  • Good stuff, I did a fucking horrendous cover of Ho Hey last weekend, thank fuck everyone was pissed. :D
    Not banned dude, well, banned from the cave, you gigging?

    Any new carvings? :)
    Hey 2shedz, tear yourself away from the cave and go have a listen to the tunes I posted. :D
    Chater said she wouldn't give me cave access "initially" I told her I didn't want it at all, I can be a dick at TOJ so no point me using the cave. :D
    Yen, rubiles, HK gold, rupia is fine. Make sure you use the correct coversion rate to ensure a full sack. Be precise!
    I am going to put a big plastic bag over all your sheds and suffocate them unless you bring a sack filled with cash to the Holiday Inn around the corner from Gatwick Airport (or aerodrome, or whatever you crackers say) by midnight tonight. There's an outdoor bistro across the parking lot from the hotel. Give the money to the large man with the big moustache. Don't call the cops (or bobbies or whatever the hell they're called) or your sheds will suffer the consequences!
    my tone is 5 Tube Screamers and pre gain on my amp all dimed.

    nah....my shit is kinda packed away makin room for the band now. Haven't recorded anything for a couple of months. I'm playin bass now and only 4 Tube Screamers dimed.
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