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  • Hi, I saw that you did the zapnspark direct connect mod to a MXL V63M. I can't seem to find out how to do this mod to my mic anywhere? Is there a way you could share the steps involved? I've modded a few of these replacing the preamp caps, and the coupling cap, but never this one, and I'm eager to try it out. Many thanks in advance for any help.

    Blue Jinn
    Blue Jinn
    I have the files on another computer. The schematic basically shows you how to do it. I should have an edited schematic that has the correct part labels for the PCB. I'll dig that up.
    Hi, Just following up. If you are able to find it please send to Thanks!!

    All of my best,

    Does digikey or mouser have a catalog? This is a three position pole or pattern switch with the terminals on the side...
    I see you are selling an OEM K47-style capsule. Who is the manufacturer or what mic did this come out of? Thanks!
    Hi Blue Jinn,
    Was reading post that the Tascam DX-4D DBX can be used with other R2R's if a simple mod is done.
    Will it work with a Teac 2340SX?
    Can you email me the schematic?
    Many Thanks,
    Chuck (camman)
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