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    MMT8 not recording

    Hello: I recently got an Alesis MMT8 for next to nothing (caveat emptor buy). All powerup indications look good. However, when I press RECORD and select a track number, then press PLAY, it displays COUNTDOWN with a count of '5'. Then it stops without doing a countdown; nothing more. I cannot see...
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    synth audio output line levels "too hot": is there such a thing?

    I just got an Emu Pk-6 keyboard and I am quite interested with its sounds and features. When I plug it into a known good mixer/recorder (specifically, a Yamaha AW16G), no matter what levels I set anywhere, I get overload distortion effects. (Through a headphone mixer it sounds great; no...
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    audio patchbay "101"

    Hello: I have a Yamaha AW16G, which is a sixteen-track digital recorder. It has eight audio input jacks, and I have more than eight pieces of gear that I want to connect to it. I have a Behringer PX3000 24-channel patch bay. So far, so good. When I go to read articles about how to connect them...
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    ESQ1 and SysEx Librarian

    I recently connected an Ensoniq ESQ1 to the app "SysEx Librarian". The intent was to establish a link that would enable a MacBook Pro to send and receive program patch contents, sequences, etc. between the two. Upon first use, the Mac apparently sent a stream that overloaded the ESQ1's OS. The...
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    AW16G will only write old stereo tracks

    I have created a stereo track complete with mixdown on a Yamaha AW16G and written it to a CD. All went well with that one. When I created another four-track song, did a mixdown on it, and saved it, according to the documentation, it should be "stereo track 2" in the list. When I look at the list...