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    Great and Lame album titles

    Dave Hill will take any publicity he can get... I read he's still out there, pretending to be Slade.
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    Great and Lame album titles

    "Come On Feel The Illinoise" was pretty cool... good ol' Sufjan.
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    Great and Lame album titles

    One day I'm going to get out my CD copy of Trout Mask Replica and hang it in a fruit tree to scare away the fruit bats... playing it would probably have the same effect, but that would be cruel. 😉
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    It was twenty years ago today,

    Only 20? Junior... :P
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    My Corona

    "forced to take experimental vaccines"? They issuing medical staff with guns now? :unsure: Good to see you all still arguing about stuff. I missed you. :LOL:
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    A Death In The Family - "minerman" (Home Recording and lately TRR stalwart) has died

    A Death In The Family - "minerman" (Home Recording and lately TRR stalwart) has died Hi HR people Just thought those of you who knew him would appreciate knowing that James Bryson, AKA "minerman" has unfortunately left us. I'm not sure he posted that much here any more, but he was an...
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    Honey Hunters - Rockets

    OK friends - first new thing from me in a very long while... :( Dealing with the inevitable, fame, fortune, groupies, cocaine habit etc. after the last album. It's tough man... :laughings: Or perhaps I just got a bit lazy. Something like that... ;) I know, I know, I'm never here much any...
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    My Corona

    Oh, really? But what would we know, right? miro - you don't know anything about "herd immunity" - firstly, the term is used to describe the effect from mass vaccinations, not mass infections, secondly there is at present, zero proof that it's even possible with COVID-19. The UK played with...
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    20 Year Club

    Who else of this vintage is still here? Do I win an award or something? Become an object of worship? What do I get? :confused:
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    You KNOW you want to comment in this thread... Why should I have all the fun?:laughings:
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    An Interesting and Informative Discussion

    Can't be done... :)
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    Honey Hunters - What Would We Have Done With Eternity Anyway?

    Finally finished this labour of love. Thanks to all at HR for the feedback over the years. Very last thing you can do for me is buy it.... :);):D:laughings::( What Would We Have Done With Eternity Anyway? | Honey Hunters OR Honey Hunters | What Would We Have Done with Eternity Anyway? | CD...
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    The Dream's Malfunction

    Hi peeps Warning - it's a long tune - it's to end an album, so I sort of needed something big. It also starts out with an unrelated mellotron thing which I felt had to fit on the album somewhere, so here it is. :eek: Once I get this one sorted I'll move onto album production, so that's...
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    Is It Too Soon?

    Hi y'all The latest from the Armistice hit factory... :laughings: Dropbox - Is It Too Soon.mp3 Any and all feedback/commentary welcomed. Just wipe your shoes before you come inside, OK?;)
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    Are You Listening?

    No, that's the title of the tune, not a teaser about the Clinic, really... :) Are You Listening? Continuing my latest theme of simpler instrumentation and song structure, shorter length etc. Blame the Telecaster. :eek: Any and all comments welcome. Thanks in advance... Are You Listening...