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    Naprosyn - or naproxen sodium - if you can get it, works really well on back pain. I have boxes of the stuff when I used to take it for an ongoing wrist issue. Stopped taking it but filled up all the scripts before they ran out, just in case. Been a godsend from time to time. Hit up some...
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    What happened to..

    I wouldn't quite put it like that. Rami was also banned, and he's long gone from TRR - it wasn't just about Greg by any means. A bunch of us were fed up with both those various bans and the direction this place was going at the time in the on-topic forums, particularly the mix feedback forum...
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    What happened to..

    Not at all. TRR was started when the mods here went mad and started banning actual really highly competent recording musicians. Nothing to do with AA. And we're still there... :oops:
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    Idle ramblings on swimming pools

    If the pool is going to be used for serious swimming / training, then having a certain, same depth (and 2m is the depth of the local school pool where I swim laps very slowly - open to the public) seems to be the norm. No shallow or deep ends much these days that I've seen lately. Been a long...
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    Cookies : Soft & Chewy or Dry & Crumbly

    Seriously Jimmy, the correct term is "more gooderer". Do I have to explain everything? 😉
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    Need some advice for mixing

    Consider rendering it as an MP3 and attaching it to the post via Attach files button. I'm not going to download a potentially huge .wav file from someone's dropbox.
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    New Honey Hunters - "Reason or Rhyme"

    Hey dobro - thanks. I'll look at those levels - they are a bit almost not quite there aren't they? I was just listening again and thinking that myself. I may have to thin them out a little, but worth a play around I think. Cheers
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    New Honey Hunters - "Reason or Rhyme"

    Few years back some of us from here spun off a new BBS as a result of mods banning two of the best home recorders this place ever had, we assumed at the behest of, and after much nagging by a particular person, now long gone. Transgressions in the on-topic forums, apparently, although I never...
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    New Honey Hunters - "Reason or Rhyme"

    Mainly I hang at the other place these days, but I did join HR in the third month of this century, so I figure that means I can come back for mix feedback from time to time... :D Hello to anyone who remembers me. A short little number. Won't take much of your time at under 3 minutes.😉 Don't...
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    Joe Biden........

    When is Trump going to jail?
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    How is your financial portfolio?

    You're musicians. You're not supposed to have money. You'd just waste it anyway. Just live off the glow of occasional applause, like you're supposed to.
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    Some people just have too much money

    Needs more monitors.
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    More new Honey Hunters - "Song for Sergey"

    Appreciate the listen but I'm not sure what I can do re. the comment. It's a subjective topic, so absent a specific thought on what I should do, I'll let it pass. Cheers.
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    More new Honey Hunters - "Song for Sergey"

    Indeed. I think I went a bit OTT with them, I've since dialled them back in a little, they're still louder, but not by as much. I won't do another mix here, however. Cheers
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    More new Honey Hunters - "Song for Sergey"

    Yeah, thanks K - I'm listening to it again this morning and I tend to agree. One of the problems with mixing your own vocals is that it's sometimes it's a little hard to tell what you can hear and what your brain is telling you you can hear as it's filling in on your behalf, knowing the song. I...