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  • Yes indeed. When I opened up the mpa gold again yesterday to take a second look, I could see that the traces were not making contact with the through-hole pins, which must be the problem. So how did you go about attaching the wire fixes? Glue? And how did you connect the wires to the traces, or did you just wire point to point for whatever connection had been broken? I'm almost glad I messed this up because having to go a little bit more in-depth to make the fix is starting to open my mind to getting more into diy stuff.
    it does sound like the same issue - in most cases I was using the wire to replace a trace that I had screwed up at the through-hole point - it just seemed more expedient to do it with wire so I could make sure the connection was solid.

    edit - my unit sounds at least a little better than it ever did before I messed it up - take heart!
    Ah, sounds like we might have run into different issues. I'll see if there's anything similarly ghetto I might be able to do to reestablish contact of the through-hole pins on the opamp sockets with the traces (a couple of eyelets came off). Thanks for sharing your experience!
    All I could do was to identify and repair the broken traces, usually by introducing little bits of wire to close the gaps. It was pretty ghetto, but in the end worked (and still does, thankfully)

    I saw in a pretty old thread (2009) that you had some experience with soldering the op amps on the input cards for the art mpa gold, and problems with damaging the pcb. I have just gotten myself into a similar situation. The 5532 Op amps were making burst noise, so I tried to replace them with 8 pin sockets and put new ones in. I succeeded, through sheer luck I guess, with one channel, but wound up detaching some of the contact rings on the other channel, which now can only pass a very quiet, extremely clipped signal (which I guess might be due to discharge of capacitance between the socket legs and the traces they are not quite contacting [I don't really know electronics beyond high school physics, but I like to pretend I'm smart]). I was wondering how you managed to resolve the problem you had, assuming it might have been similar.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!

    heck yeah the epi's good for it! The guitar I play the most is a clone I bought new off ebay :)
    Hey Mr Chef, I joined your SG Appreciation group and wondered if my Epi G-400 SG is an acceptable SG or is it Gibsons only? I do have some pictures I found and posted on the group site that show a couple of the Gibson SG models I had 30 years ago...
    Hey thanks. You gave me rep about a month ago and I just figured out how to thank you. Sorry but that's how it is when your old.
    I tried replacing the transistor on one of my 81s tonight with the part number you used.
    I am getting no sound when the EQ is engaged just hiss.

    I am thinking I placed the transistors in, in properly.

    Could you explain to me on your photograph which pin is which letter.

    thank you very much,
    Ahhhh...a comedic writer at heart !! Do you still write comic strips Chef? tell me...what type of character had that name..? I gotta guess first ya know!..hmmm..a Villain of the Kitchen, who sabotages the Chefs magnificent dishes? A Chef, who is your Auntie? An ant who cooks gourmet?:D
    Hi, Oh great Weain'tgotnogear leader! That symbol is achieved using the character map. If you're using an Arial font (and probably others), the keystrokes are alt + 0166. ¦-] Have fun. Hey, when's our next meeting? LOL


    BTW, thanks for the rep points. I can't seem to get that to work.....
    Thanks! I thought about getting a DMP2 many years ago. Never did. At the price you picked those up for, it's pretty hard to go wrong.
    Somebody feed that cat up there^, I'm afraid he's gonna jump down here & eat my head!!!!
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