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  • Hi A Reel Person.
    I now have a Fostex 460 I got it cheaply, untested / no power supply. I'm the kind of guy who has a hundred power supplies in my basement, so I figured I could get by, or maybe even buy one if needed. Boy was I surprised and saddened to see that power connection!
    You seem to be the only person of the internet with any knowledge on this gear, and maybe you are still an owner of this recorder.
    Can you give me any insight as to what voltage might be needed on those pins?
    Your thoughts would be so appreciated.
    -Dan Adams
    Hi I recently bought a Tascam M30 to go along with my Fostex B-16. I've been reading a few forums you've been apart of that have been a big help but still have a few questions! I have outputs of the fostex (#1-8) running into the M30 tape inputs 1-8 and the line/aux outs running from the tascam ordered as such line out 1 going to input 1 on the fostex aux out 1 going to input 2 on the fostex, line out 2 going to input 3 on the fostex, aux out 2 going to input 4 on fostex, etc.

    My issue is whenever I use the assigns buttons signal appears to be sent to 2 inputs on the fostex.

    I seem to be having no problem listening back and using the submix channel of the mixer but still do not fully understand the bus section.

    Idealy Id like to use it primarily for overdubs. I don't think I would ever be using more than 4 tracks at once.

    If you have any suggestion for an efficient to use the mixer that would be very helpful!

    Thanks so much for your help so far!!


    You helped me out a lot last year getting my TASCAM 246 up and running. Seems I now have a new issue, the tape does not take up (right reel doesn't spin). I opened her up and checked the rubber, all seems good. What appears to be wrong is there isn't any tension or action with the idler assembly itself, doesn't engage the right reel. Do you have any experience with this?

    Thanks, I'll post it as well in the forum but just had a few free moments right now and figured I'd ask!
    Hope you're well. A total longshot but I don't suppose you're in UK and looking to sell a tascam 388 at the moment? Thanks.

    How are you. I read a post of yours. I'd like to ask your help. I have a Tascam 34 that is having problems playing.

    The unit fast forwards & rewinds quickly and stops, but wont play.

    If you take the tape off and hit play it spins. It looks like it will play, but with the tape on it barley budges.

    Your thoughts?

    thank you
    Hi, I just ran across some of your very informative posts. Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge on the subject of recording. I would be interested to pick your brain a bit about the Tascam 464, which I own and love, and did you ever find the Tascam 2488 Neo to be of any use? I recently purchased one with the DVD. And have found it profound. I do not understand why even the company missrepresents it as 80G when it is in fact 160G!
    Thanks, and very nice to meet and read your post.
    Hello, my friends.

    It's been a while, but I opened up the 414 and found a gear or motor pulley knocked out of place. I reseated it and it worked, but ultimately failed again after I moved some stuff around and needs to be replaced. It's in my closet with a dozen other fixit projects.
    Saw on another thread you mentioned a broken down tascam 414, where the take up reel wasnt taking.....my 414 is displaying the same problems that the guy on that threads was. Just wandering whether you had any joy with yours...what needed replacing etc....?
    Dave! Where have ya been Brother?
    You still alive?...
    You've been pretty quiet!
    You must be puttin' some wear and tear on heads!
    Just stoppin' by to make sure all is well.
    take care, my friend!
    In general, for compression you'd want to compress the entire signal without un-compressed signal leaking or competing with the compressed sound. Therefore, you'd most often use compression "inline" and that would be a standard technique. In practical terms of the 388, that would be using the channel's Aux-Snd-Rcv 1/4" jacks. To use the Aux/Eff send (and I don't have the 388 right in front of me writing this memo), but if you have a Pre-Fader send it would be workable if you also mute the main channel fader of the track in question. That's also to keep the un-compressed signal from competing with the compressed signal. Hope that's clear and/or helps.

    I noticed in another thread that you said to only use a compressor w/ the 388 "in line" -- as opposed to using the EFF/AUX sends -- is there any reason why? Also, if I want to use a stereo compressor (FMR RNC) during tracking or mixdown on different channels, should I not use the EFF/AUX sends? Thank you very much for your time. Please feel free to contact me at spvallarelli@gmail.com
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