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    The Beatles (cover) Back in the USSR

    very cool!
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    Sunrise at the speed of light

    thanxx Manslick!
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    Sunrise at the speed of light

    Hi I´m Leo from Germany, It has become a djient etude. I put everything in the service of the song Of course it goes to the point from time to time. The song took quite a bit of time. The clean solos are 4 finger tappings. Legatos were used in combination with my appeggis. There are also...
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    Panic In Detroit -Bowie Cover

    Hi, this actually reminds me of Bowie just the voice sounds very similar, especially the endings. very nice!
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    Manslick : Everybodys got a worry

    Good chords cool thing ! Reminds me of John Lennon's stuff. It's just music and it's great !
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    short solo "Spark"

    Papanate: new version especially for you :) I'll post the whole song a little later, this is only a mini excerpt here. Sorry my english ;)
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    short solo "Spark"

    I used a little phaser for the solo guitar . Before that, I carefully cleaned up all the tracks. For example, I added cross reverb to the backing guitars-. All tracks were processed exactly with an Eq, low cuts were set etc. Mixing took a lot of time. I wanted a wide cleaned up sound. I loaded...
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    short solo "Spark"

    Short Solo from my new song "Spark"
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    Cover of Richie Havens "Freedom"

    Cool 👍
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    new idea for a guitar- instrumental

    @ Bulls Hit, thanxx for listening 🙏
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    new idea for a guitar- instrumental New version and new mix what do you guys think?
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    Invaders From Uranus

    cool riff! I even find the mix pretty good. The snare goes down a bit in the context. Is the guitar tuned in d? nice work
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    Cool Song I like it very much 👍 However, the drums are very mechanical
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    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) acoustic solo guitar

    so cool I like it!