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Thread: Clipping sound. Need help.

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    Clipping sound. Need help.

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    I have been using the same mixer for a few months now and it has occurred a few times.
    I have no idea what it could come from, cause my volume is very low, literally the gain is on 40% but the volume itself is low.
    I have tried downloading the driver, did not work. I have tried lowering gain, did not work.

    I am using the Behringer Xenyx 1204 usb mixer. I really haven't seen anything on the internet that could help me, so now i'm here.
    Hope someone can help me.

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    Can you hear the clipping on headphones from the mixer? If so you have a faulty device as the headroom should be really quite good.
    But, electronics is very reliable these days and I strongly doubt the analogue paths in the Xenyx are at fault, more likely a driver/software issue. Not sure what Behringer do about drivers for that mixer, ASIO4all? I shall have a bit of a dig. If it is indeed ASIO4all then put up the control panel and see what buffer size you have set.

    Yes, ASIO4all. If increasing the buffer size does not help I would uninstall the present version and download it afresh.


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    Quote Originally Posted by whome View Post
    Where do you hear it? At church I can hear things on the headphones that never make it out the speakers.

    What does the DAW say? Is it real clipping or do you just hear noises.
    Volume very low is irrelevant. What is the peak signal? Over 0dBFS and you will get clipping guaranteed.
    Agreed, and need the levels through the whole setup, and where it's clipping.
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